What is the song the end of the world about?

“The End of the World” is a sad song about the aftermath of a romantic breakup. Dee, the lyricist, said she drew on her sorrow from her father’s death to set the mood for the song.

How old is Skeeter Davis?

72 years (1931–2004)
Skeeter Davis/Age at death
21 – Skeeter Davis, who hit the top of the pop charts with “The End of the World” in 1963 and sang on the “Grand Ole Opry” radio show for more than 40 years, died here on Sunday. She was 72.

Which place is called end of the world?

There’s a place in remote Russian Siberia that’s called the Yamal Peninsula, which translates into English as “the end of the world.” The name isn’t supposed to be ironic: Russian scientists have determined that a massive crater discovered in a remote part of Siberia was probably caused by thawing permafrost.

Who sang its the end of the world?

Skeeter Davis
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Who sang it’s the end of the world?

It’s the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)/Artists

What is the end of Earth?

By that point, all life on the Earth will be extinct. The most probable fate of the planet is absorption by the Sun in about 7.5 billion years, after the star has entered the red giant phase and expanded beyond the planet’s current orbit.

What’s the end of the world?

End of the world or The End of the World may refer to: End of the world (civilization), various types of events that threaten to destroy or cripple human civilization. The end time in the eschatology of various religions and mythologies.

What happened to Skeeter Davis?

Around 7:00 am on August 2, near Cincinnati, a passing motorist fell asleep at the wheel, crashing head-on with the car in which Skeeter and Betty Jack Davis were riding. Betty Jack was killed in the collision, while Skeeter sustained serious head injuries. The driver of the car also survived.

How did Skeeter Davis die?

Skeeter Davis, a Grammy-nominated singer and veteran of the Grand Ole Opry, died on Sept. 19 after a long battle with breast cancer. She was 73.

Is Skeeter Davis alive?

Grand Ole Opry star Skeeter Davis died Sunday (Sept. 19) in Nashville after a long struggle with cancer. She was 72.