What is the common wire on a 3-way switch?

Black wire
Black wire: This is a hot wire that carries electricity from the power source to the first switch in a typical 3-way setup. It’s also called the “common wire” or the “line wire.” Unless the breaker is off, this black wire is always hot.

Can I put a motion sensor on a 3-way switch?

When using in a 3-way application use one sensor and one standard 3-way switch. Cannot be used with another sensor, or in a 4-way application. WARNINGS AND CAUTIONS: If you are not sure about any part of these instructions, consult an electrician.

How does a Lutron Maestro 4 way switch work?

The 4-way switch will have insulated wires connected to four screws plus a green ground screw. Let Lutron’s Maestro Occupancy Sensor switch turn the lights or fan on and off for you.

How many wires are in a Lutron Maestro dimmer?

The 4-way standard switch will have insulated wires connected to four screws plus a green ground screw. Maximum wire length between the Dimmer and the Maestro Accessory Dimmer . Reference Wiring Diagram. 3-Way Wiring. Wiring. • For installations involving. United States. News Room. Careers. About Lutron. Contact Us. Home. Seminars.

How does Lutron Maestro work in art room?

The lighting in our art room is controlled by two separate switches (3-way switch configuration.) One switch at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom. I added the Maestro to the top switch since this is the one that will sense motion as the kids and I are playing in the room. 4.

Is the Lutron Maestro occupancy sensor programmable?

Nevermind…Maestro took care of it. The Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensor Dimmer is programmable if you wish to change the length of time the light remains on after it stops sensing activity; the sensitivity to motion and heat; and the light level. See additional video tutorials on installation and programming at Lutron.