What is SAP and EDI?

SAP EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. It is an electronic exchange of business transactional documents between different applications. It is a industry standard that describes electronic documents. These documents enables the internal transactions between associated companies to be automated.

What is EDI stand for?

Electronic Data Interchange
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the electronic interchange of business information using a standardized format; a process which allows one company to send information to another company electronically rather than with paper. Business entities conducting business electronically are called trading partners.

What is EDI configuration in SAP?

The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) component in Sales and Distribution (SD) consists of an Intermediate Document (IDoc) interface. You can use this interface to do the following: Send messages (outbound processing) such as an order confirmation through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

What is difference between IDoc and EDI?

EDI, stands for Electronic Data Interchange, is the electronic exchange of structured business data between different applications. The IDoc interface consists of IDoc types and function modules that form the interface to the application.

What is the difference between ALE and EDI?

ALE is used for distributing large volumes of similar data between different Logical systems. EDI is used to communicate with Partner Systems, while ALE is used to communicate between Logical Systems. Please do however observe that a Partner System could also be a logical system.

What is the difference between EDI and ALE?

What is the difference between IDoc and RFC?

The significant difference between simple RFC-calls and IDoc data exchange is the fact, that every action performed on IDocs are protocolled by R/3 and IDocs can be reprocessed if an error occurred in one of the message steps. IDoc is a intermediate document to exchange data between two SAP Systems.


In SAP EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange.As ALE, it is also used for exchanging business data between different systems. The SAP system sends EDI messages in IDoc format to an EDI subsystem, where they are converted to a universal EDI standard (UN/EDIFACT or ANSI/X12).