What is Fucibet ointment used for?

Fucibet cream is indicated for the treatment of eczematous dermatoses including atopic eczema, infantile eczema, discoid eczema, stasis eczema, contact eczema and seborrhoeic eczema when secondary bacterial infection is confirmed or suspected.

Can Fucibet be bought over the counter?

As a prescription-only medicine, you cannot simply buy Fucibet cream over the counter. Fucibet cream is prescribed to patients in the UK who are suffering from eczema or other infected and inflammatory skin conditions, to provide relief and prevent the condition from getting worse.

Is Fucibet a strong steroid?

Fucibet Cream also contains cetostearyl alcohol and chlorocresol, which may cause allergic skin reactions in some people. Betamethasone is classed as a ‘potent’ steroid, and is prescribed for the treatment of skin conditions, including eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

When do you use Fucibet cream?

Apply a thin film of cream to completely cover the affected and surrounding skin areas twice daily, in the morning and at night, or as directed by your doctor. The cream is usually used for a period of no longer than 2 weeks. This cream should not be covered with bandages or other coverings after application.

Can Fucibet cream be used for fungal infection?

Fucibet cream should only be used to treat infected skin conditions caused by bacteria. It should not be used to treat spots, warts, boils, cysts, impetigo, thrush, fungal infections like athlete’s foot, or viral infections like cold sores.

Is Fucibet good for ringworm?

Do not use Fucibet® To treat a skin infection caused by a fungus, such as athlete’s foot or ringworm. To treat a skin condition caused by a virus, such as cold sores or chicken pox. To treat skin conditions caused only by bacteria, such as boils or spots. To treat skin conditions caused by tuberculosis (TB).

What are the side effects of Fucibet cream?

Here are some side effects that can be experienced by Fucibet users:

  • Dry skin.
  • Redness.
  • Skin irritation.
  • Skin rash.
  • Itchiness.
  • Inflammation or swelling of the skin.
  • Excessive hair growth (also known as hypertrichosis)
  • Inflamed hair follicles, or folliculitis.

What is the alternative to Fucibet cream?

Fucibet cream alternatives. Other topical treatments can be used to treat infected eczema and other infected skin conditions. Fucidin H is a similar treatment that contains fusidic acid but it contains a different steroid ingredient, called hydrocortisone. Fucidin cream is another alternative.

How quickly does fucidin work?

Your skin should start to improve after a few days. But it’s very important to use the cream or ointment for as long as your doctor has prescribed it. Treatment with fusidic cream or ointment is usually for 1 or 2 weeks, although sometimes it can be for longer.

How quickly does Fucibet cream work?

The usual treatment time is up to 2 weeks. Ask your doctor before using this medicine for any longer. You should notice your skin improve after just a few days of using the cream. If there is no improvement after 7 days, you should stop using the cream and go back to your doctor.

Can I use Fucibet on my face?

You must not use the medicine for a long time on your face. Unless your doctor has told you to, you must not use Fucibet on open wounds or sensitive areas such as the nostrils, ears, lips or genitals. Unless your doctor has told you to, you must not use Fucibet on thin skin, skin ulcers, broken veins or acne.