What is a sentence for clandestine?

Clandestine sentence example. Betsy’s clandestine research about Julie, such as it was, was shared only with me. Little was said of our clandestine activities of the past year as we simply enjoyed each other’s company. The problem isn’t your staying her; it’s this whole clandestine meeting.

What is the clandestine mean?

characterized by, done in, or executed with secrecy or concealment, especially for purposes of subversion or deception; private or surreptitious: Their clandestine meetings went undiscovered for two years.

Is clandestine in English word?

planned or done in secret, especially describing something that is not officially allowed: He has been having a clandestine affair with his secretary for three years. …

What is the meaning of clandestine as it is used in paragraph 18?

clandestine. secret, covert, sly; characterized by, done in, or executed with secrecy or concealment. coerce.

What is posited mean?

1 : to dispose or set firmly : fix. 2 : to assume or affirm the existence of : postulate. 3 : to propose as an explanation : suggest.

What is the difference between covert and clandestine?

The terms clandestine and covert are not synonymous. Put differently, clandestine means “hidden”, where the aim is for the operation to not be noticed at all. Covert means “deniable”, such that if the operation is noticed, it is not attributed to a group.

Is clandestine a bad word?

The word is often used as a synonym of secret and covert, and it is commonly applied to actions that involve secrecy maintained for an evil, illicit, or unauthorized purpose.

Does clandestine mean illegal?

Clandestine, an adjective imported from Latin, describes a secret, usually illegal activity. Often these things have to do with political and spy organizations.

Is Clandestine a bad word?

When something is it is held in secret?

clandestine Add to list Share. Use the adjective clandestine to describe something that is done in secret, like your clandestine attempts to steal your brother’s Halloween candy.

What is the pivoting?

A pivot means fundamentally changing the direction of a business when you realize the current products or services aren’t meeting the needs of the market. The main goal of a pivot is to help a company improve revenue or survive in the market, but the way you pivot your business can make all the difference.

How can you use the word clandestine in a sentence?

The group held weekly clandestine meetings in a church.

  • She undertook several clandestine operations for the CIA.
  • She is the director of clandestine operations of the CIA.
  • He has been having a clandestine affair with his secretary for three years.
  • She deserved better than these clandestine meetings.
  • What does the name Clandestine mean?

    clandestine (Adjective) Done or kept in secret, sometimes to conceal an illicit or improper purpose. Etymology: From clandestin, derived from clandestinus. clandestine (Adjective) Not recognized as a regular member. Etymology: From clandestin, derived from clandestinus.

    What is the meaning for clandestine?

    Definition of clandestine. : marked by, held in, or conducted with secrecy : surreptitious a clandestine love affair.

    What is the noun for clandestine?

    clandestinely. In a secret or covert manner. In an illicit way, i.e. not permitted by the law or regulations. Synonyms: surreptitiously, covertly, confidentially, stealthily, unobserved, under cover, sub rosa, by stealth. clancularly. (obsolete) privately; secretly.