What is a sedge type weed?

Sedges are grass-like plants and considered one of the world’s most pernicious weeds. They invade gardens and turf across the planet. Even Antarctica is host to an invasive sedge species! With an introduction like that, it’s no surprise that sedges are a problem in Florida.

Is a sedge a weed?

Many homeowners bringing in plant samples for identification are often surprised to find out that one very green vigorous plant is in fact a weed. This weedy plant is a sedge and it becomes so prolific, it may take over sections of the lawn or plant bed.

What kills sedge weed?

Control in the Lawn

Sedge Control
Herbicide Yellow Nutsedge
Basagran T/O Lesco LescoGran Southern Ag Basagran Sedge Control (bentazon) G
Image Nutsedge Killer (imazaquin) F
SedgeHammer Plus Monterey Nutgrass Killer Concentrate Hi-Yield Nutsedge Control Concentrate Martin’s Nutgrass Eliminator (halosulfuron) G-E

Is umbrella sedge a weed?

Smallflower umbrella sedge, sometimes called smallflower umbrellaplant, a summer annual sedge, is an erect, grasslike plant. In California, it is found in the Central Valley and southwestern regions, to about 1600 feet (550 m). This sedge inhabits pond margins, ditches, and is particularly common in rice-growing areas.

Is sedge invasive?

Sedge lawn weeds are invasive in other types of turf grass. Most problem sedge plants are found in warmer climates of the southern United States, but a couple are also common in northern climes. Controlling sedge weeds can be a challenge to many gardeners.

Should I pull up nutsedge?

Pulling nutsedge will increase the number of plants because dormant tubers are activated. However, it is possible to control small stands of nutsedge by persistent pulling. Pulling will eventually weaken the plants and cause them to die out. Herbicide treatments are the best way of controlling this pesky weed.

Is umbrella sedge invasive?

Native to Tropical Africa. In frost-free climates, Umbrella Plant is weedy bordering on invasive. It can spread aggressively by self-seeding and rhizomes.

Is Cyperus eragrostis a weed?

This sedge is an important weed of rice crops and irrigation channels and also grows in gardens, parks, disturbed sites, waste areas and damp environments (i.e. along waterways and in wetlands). It is regarded as an environmental weed in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.