What does a double row timing chain do?

The additional spring pressure and power increases strain on the timing chain. A double row chain disperses the additional load across both sets of links keeping chain fatigue in check.

Who makes the best timing chain kits?

Cloyes Gear & Products Inc.
Cloyes Gear & Products Inc. earned the best new product award for its Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Chain Kits at the 2019 Automotive Aftermarket Product Expo (AAPEX). The company’s VVT Chain Kits won top honors in the hard parts category of the New Product Showcase at AAPEX.

Is a double roller timing chain better?

When you get way up in the horsepower and rpm strata where big lift cams and very high valve spring pressures come into play, a double roller chain can better control harmonic vibration at the cost of a little additional weight.

How do you measure a timing chain?

Timing cover off,by using a hard straight edge over the top of the chain, from one gear edge, to the other gear edge…Then push on the chain,(near the middle) away from the straight edge… Measure the distance that the chain “deflects” away from the straight edge.

How much slack should a timing chain have?

1/2 inch total deflection is the standard max.

How do you set the timing on a crank and camshaft?

Begin with the dial indicator in place on the intake lobe for the number-one cylinder and rotate the crankshaft clockwise until you reach the valve’s maximum lift. Zero out your dial indicator. Now rotate the crank counterclockwise until you have dropped at least 0.100 in valve lift.

Can a roller chain be used as a timing chain?

You can get a true roller chain in single or double roller versions. Some roller timing chain sets are manufactured with larger than stock pins. These are typically found in standard roller chains.

What’s the difference between a single roller and double roller chain?

The single roller chain is much like the chain on a bicycle—the links or side plates of the chain pass over and around a single set of teeth in each gear. A double roller chain is exactly what the name implies—gears with dual sets of teeth with a chain link for each set.

Which is the best timing chain for a street engine?

That means it will last longer, which is a bonus in an OE-type or mild performance street engine that doesn’t have a large cam or excessive valve spring pressures that can induce damaging harmonic vibration. This timing set is a Crane Cams Pro Series single roller.

Is the oil pump driven off the timing chain?

Well, yes… and no. On many V8 engines, accessories like the oil pump, mechanical fuel pump, and the distributor are indirectly driven off the camshaft. That means a sloppy timing chain can have a dramatic effect on other parts of the engine. A timing chain also acts as a vibration damper.