Is Syed Jaffery alive?

Deceased (1929–2015)
Saeed Jaffrey/Living or Deceased

Which cancer did Naila Jaffery have?

ovarian cancer
In 2016, the late actress was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Recently, her video clip also went viral on social media in which she asked the government for royalties for her TV serials.

Who is Saeed Jaffrey son?

Saeed Jaffrey

Saeed Jaffrey OBE
Occupation Actor
Years active 1961–2014
Spouse(s) Madhur Bahadur ​ ​ ( m. 1958; div. 1966)​ Jennifer Sorrell ​ ​ ( m. 1980; his death 2015)​
Children 3, including Sakina Jaffrey

Who was Naila Jaffery?

Renowned TV actress Naila Jaffri has passed away after prolonged illness. The veteran actor has been battling ovarian cancer for the last six years. She was best known for her roles in drama serials “Aa Mujh ko Satana”, “Desi Girls” and “Thodi Si Khushiyan”.

How old was Jagdeep Jaffery when he died?

Veteran comedian and actor, Jagdeep Jaffery a.k.a. ‘Soorma Bhopali’ has passed away at the age of 81. And here’s everything you need to know about his career and personal life.

When did Jaffrey start his career as an announcer?

In February 1951 Jaffrey travelled to New Delhi to try his luck as a cartoonist, writer or broadcaster. He successfully auditioned as an announcer at All India Radio. He started his radio career as an English Announcer with the External Services of All India Radio on 2 April 1951 for a salary of ₹250 / month.

When was Jeffrey Dahmer born and when did he die?

Jeffrey Dahmer was born at the Evangelical Deaconess Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on May 21, 1960, the first of two sons born to Joyce Annette (née Flint) and Lionel Herbert Dahmer.

Who is the mother of Saeed Jaffrey’s daughter?

Sakina Jaffrey is also an actress and acted alongside her father in the Canadian film Masala (1991). In 1980 Jaffrey married Jennifer Sorrell, an agent and freelance casting director. They remained married until his death in 2015. In 1998 Saeed wrote an autobiography, Saeed: An Actor’s Journey.