How long does Suunto Zoop battery last?

1.5 years
Technical specifications

Bezel material: Composite
Water resistance 80 m (ISO 6425, EN 13319)
Battery life 100 dives/year 1.5 years
Battery type CR 2450
Time, date

How do you read a Suunto Zoop Novo?

To access dive history:

  1. Press MODE until you see MEM.
  2. Switch between History and Logbookwith DOWN or UP.
  3. When you are viewing the history or logbook, you can press MODE to go back and select the other one. Press MODE a second time to exit.

How do I reset my Suunto Zoop dive computer?

The memory of a diving computer cannot unfortunately be reset as this is a circle memory. The diving computer will start automatically overwriting the oldest dives when the memory capacity is exceeded. The maximum depth in the history memory can be zeroed but this can be done only in the Dive Manager software.

Does the Suunto Zoop have a compass?

No Digital Compass, Tri-mix or Air Integration – The Zoop Novo doesn’t have a digital compass, tri-mix capability or air-integration. Compasses are cheap and widely available, but if you’re after a built in compass and air integration, then have a look at the Suunto Vyper Novo.

How do you use Zoop?

To get started:

  1. Wake up the device by keeping any button pressed until the display turns on.
  2. Keep DOWN pressed to enter General Settings.
  3. Set time. See Time.
  4. Set date. See Date.
  5. Set units. See Units.
  6. Press MODE to exit settings.

How do I turn on my Suunto dive computer?

Press the SMART (MODE) button To activate the dive computer. To change from the Surface Mode to the menu based modes.

Is a dive computer worth it?

Air integrated dive computers, such as the Suunto Cobra, monitor your air pressure and can display your airtime remaining for your dive based upon your air consumption and depth. In our opinion, it is worth the extra investment!