How do you make a chart in APA format?

APA does not specify an alignment. However, charts and figures should be near the text in which they are referenced. All charts and figures must be referenced in text as Figure. Figures of one column must be between 2 and 3.25 inches wide (5 to 8.45 cm).

How do you add figures to an APA paper?

Placement of Figures in a Paper There are two options for the placement of figures (and tables) in a paper. The first is to embed figures in the text after each is first mentioned (or “called out”); the second is to place each figure on a separate page after the reference list.

What should be included in Acknowledgement?

Acknowledgements enable you to thank all those who have helped in carrying out the research. Careful thought needs to be given concerning those whose help should be acknowledged and in what order. The general advice is to express your appreciation in a concise manner and to avoid strong emotive language.

How do you write a short Acknowledgement?

I would like to express my special thanks of gratitude to my teacher (Name of the teacher) as well as our principal (Name of the principal)who gave me the golden opportunity to do this wonderful project on the topic (Write the topic name), which also helped me in doing a lot of Research and i came to know about so many …

How do you say duly noted politely?

You can use “duly noted” to say all of these things: I wrote what you just said in the appropriate record. I acknowledge your opinion. I heard you, and I don’t really care.