How do you list co first author on resume?

Traditionally, co-first authors are indicated by an asterisk and the order of the individuals is the decision of the PI. Once the paper is published, it appears in print as follows: co-Author 1*, co-Author 2*, Author 3, and Author 4.

How do you list an author on a poster?

List the first author’s (probably you) last name, first name, middle initial and then the first name, middle initial, and last name of each co-author. Underline the name of the person who will be presenting the poster at the symposium (again, probably you).

Can you present the same poster at two conferences?

So if you are presenting a poster, and you submitted an abstract paper to get accepted to that conference, but there is no proper proceedings, its perfectly alright there to present the same material again in another conference.

Does a poster count as a publication?

2 Answers. It’s definitely a good idea to include such a poster in your CV or mention it elsewhere in your application (e.g. discuss it and the work in the personal statement). However, I would refrain from listing anything under “publications” unless it has been peer reviewed and published in a reputable journal.

Can I submit the same abstract to two conferences?

4.0 Encore abstracts and presentations It is permissible to present the same research findings at more than one conference if both the first and subsequent conferences allow this. This practice may be referred to as an ‘encore’ (or more specifically an encore abstract or encore presentation).

Can you present the same research at multiple conferences?

In fields where the main type of publications which “count” are journal papers (or books) and not conferences, it is allowed to present the same research at multiple conferences unless the particular conference has it forbidden in its rules (which are supposed to be accessible at the conference website or at least …