How do you fight Timewyrm?

The General Strategy to Kill the Timeworm

  1. use the Yggdragon’s Blessing Pep Power to make your party immune for a few rounds.
  2. have Veronica spam Magic Burst.
  3. have your party feed her Elfin Elixirs to restore her MP (thus making it possible to cast Magic Burst again)
  4. Repeat until the Timewyrm is out of time.

How much HP does Timewyrm have?

2 Timewyrm, DQXI S: 40,000 HP.

What is the Timewyrm?

The Timewyrm is a Superboss that was added into the Definitive Edition version of Dragon Quest XI. It can be fought after the player defeats End of Time and surpasses it in terms of difficulty. Defeating it grants you the Hare-raising suit and the Sands of Lost Time.

What level should you be to beat Calasmos?

First off, you’ll want to make sure your entire party is around level 70 at least. It’s also recommended you complete at least the last four sidequests of Dragon Quest XI to give a boost to Rab’s magical power, Serena’s healing power, the Hero’s Luminary abilities, and Hendrik’s Blind Man’s Biff.

Is Calasmos easy?

Before using the sword, Calasmos is just difficult enough that it seems -almost- possible to win. Don’t give yourself a headache. Just use the sword to drain its power, then you’ll have a fair fight on your hands.

How much HP does Calasmos have?


Expand#661 – Calasmos ??? Family
HP Agility
11000 320 (PS4/3D) 250 (3DS/2D)
Exp None

What happens when you beat Calasmos?

When Calasmos is almost dead, he’ll stop time, leaving only one character able to move. If you’re slow, Calasmos will also revives its arms at half-health.

Who is the final boss in dq11?

Calasmos is the optional final boss and the true antagonist of Dragon Quest XI. The ancient evil that once attempted to cover the world of Erdrea in darkness after defeating Yggdragon, the Dark One fought against the original Luminary, Erdwin, and his allies and was defeated.

How do I get rid of Calasmos aura?

As soon as you start the fight with Calasmos, switch to the Super Sword of Light on your Hero and use the Super Sword of Light like an Item. This will dispel the darkness that protects Calasmos. This lowers Calasmos’ attack, defense, and turn speed.

Is Dora in GREY a demon?

Dora-in-Grey is an evil spirit of the cursed mural of the town of Phnom Nonh. She takes the form of a little girl called Dora to lure people to see the mural, which promises wealth. As for the pure-hearts, she tricks them by telling them that her parents disappeared after seeing the mural.

Who is Erdwin?

Erdwin is an important character to the story of Dragon Quest XI. He is the original Luminary, a courageous hero that was created by Yggdrasil to defeat the Dark One long ago and restore peace to Erdrea. In the present, the Hero is his reincarnation.

How much health does Mordegon have?


Expand#393 – Mordegon ??? Family
HP Agility
2,400 201
Exp None

What kind of Dragon is Timewyrm in Dragon Quest?

Timewyrm resembles a golden version of Mordegon and consists of its main body and the tail. Much like Gran Dragon and Valgirt Nedlog, both of them are golden dragon monsters who are the strongest bosses of their respective games. ??? Family Note: The ultimate evil of a world in which all has been damned to darkness.

How did the Doctor help create the Timewyrm?

The Doctor jettisoned Ishtar and a piece of his TARDIS into the Time Vortex, hoping to destroy her, but she survived in the Vortex, combining her mind with the power of the secondary console room that he had ejected. The Doctor had helped create the Timewyrm by allowing the fusion of the Time Lord technology with the mind of Qataka.

Who is the Timewyrm in the Green Book?

Before reforming and living out her life as a human, the ever-changing apocalyptic super-being known as the Timewyrm threatened the universe more than once. Even before Qataka was named as such, the Timewyrm existed, and would always exist in some form, as a creature from the Green and Black Books of Gallifrey.

What’s the best way to beat the Timewyrm?

If you want the achievement of beating the Timewyrm at a supremely fast speed, farm money for pep pops and farm casino tokens for Elfin Elixers and just Magic Burst/Mighty Magic Burst your way through the fight. I ended up using 9 pep pops and finished the fight in 38 actions. I was also at level 99, with no seeds used.