How do you extend a chapter?

5 Ideas to Lengthen Word Count in Too-Short NovelsBrainstorm Additional Plot Beats. List all your current plot threads, and then explore ways to expand upon them. Deepen Connections Between Characters. Add Characters. Emphasize Important Character Traits. Dramatize Summaries.

How can I lengthen my writing?

You can increase your word count in two ways:Pacing: Slow down the story.Tension: Add to the tension, by dragging it out and writing slow motion moments you will be able to add value. Sentence length: You need variety when it comes to sentence length, but longer sentences will help you up the word count.

How do I make my novel longer?

Five Ways to Make Your Novel LongerAdd more characters to the story. Adding characters to a story can make it longer and more interesting at the same time. Prolong the buildup before your climax. Add challenges, complications and hurdles. Extend the timeline of your novel. Explore your characters’ backstories.

Why is my novel so short?

If your novel is too short, it’s probably because you’re telling too much and showing too little. Go over it and find opportunities for showing.