How do I stop shanking my golf swing?

Raise the golf club about 2 feet above the ball, and take your normal back-swing and note its plane. Then on your downswing, keep your plane below it all the way through to the finish. By doing this, you will be less likely to shank the ball.

How do I stop shanks with my irons?

How To Stop Shanking Irons

  1. Line up your club’s neck/hosel up with the ball at address.
  2. During your downswing, try and make contact with the toe of the iron club.
  3. At impact keep your hands closer to your body.
  4. If you’re hitting it near the toe, you have no chance of shanking since it is so far away from the hosel.

What do you shank someone with?

As a verb, it refers to the act of stabbing someone with a sharp object. The word has origins in the gypsy tribes of Romania and Moldova that used such objects. If you are derisive or taunting someone, you can say that he used a Shiv to cut the rope.

How do I stop hitting the hosel?

But the ball doesn’t hit the heel—it hits the hosel, and its round shape makes the ball carom violently to the right. The easiest fix is to stand farther away from the ball at address. But for long-lasting results, be sure to keep your weight over the middle of your feet, which stops you from moving toward the ball.

Why do good golfers shank?

What causes the shank to happen? The shank happens because the clubface is closed and the toe of the club hits into the ground producing a long, skinny divot. What’s worse is that once a golfer thinks it’s caused by an open face, most players will try to close the club even more resulting in more shanks!

Why am I hitting shanks with irons?

What causes the shank to happen? The shank happens because the clubface is closed and the toe of the club hits into the ground producing a long, skinny divot. Again, the shank happens because the club is dramatically shut at impact NOT open.

Why do good players Shank?

Do you shank someone with a shiv?

Shiv is often used to refer to sharp weapon like objects made by prisoners. The word Shiv comes from the gypsies of Romania who used them for a knife like object. Shiv is both a noun as well as a verb while shank is just a noun.

Why is shank an insult?

Shank – means “friend” or “fellow.” Shuck – an expletive used to bring attention to one’s annoyance or frustration.

What’s the best way to Shank a golf ball?

He also gave us a drill that will cure your shanking woes. Set up like you’re going to hit it, and then put a tee in the ground just outside the toe of the club. While you’re swinging, think about keeping the grip end of the club near your body. “Miss the tee at impact, and you’ll hit the ball in the center of the face,” says Leadbetter.

What’s the best way to cure a shank?

Start by checking in on a few basics. Make sure you’re standing tall with your chest up during the swing, don’t hold the club too tightly, and make sure your weight isn’t sneaking up toward your toes. David Leadbetter told us that not tending to all of these little things could be the root of your struggles.

What causes a shank on a golf swing?

Shanks can be caused by a multitude of swing faults. But the most common faults are moving closer to the ball (with your body, hands, or both) and lagging the hosel. Figuring out what’s causing your shanks by recording your swing in slow motion is a good place to start.

Is the plague of the shanks curable in golf?

Though awful, the plague of the shanks is curable. First thing you have to do is take a break from the course. You need some alone time to sort this out on the range. Start by checking in on a few basics.