Has a Mexican ever won an Oscar?

This is a list of Mexican Academy Award winners and nominees. This list details the performances of Mexican filmmakers, actors, actresses and films that have either been submitted, nominated or have won an Academy Award….Academy Award for Best Director.

Year 2017
Name Guillermo del Toro
Film The Shape of Water
Status Won

What is the Mexican equivalent of the Academy Award?

Ariel Award
The Ariel Award (Spanish: Premio Ariel) is an award that recognizes the best of Mexican cinema.

What Hispanic actors have won Oscars?

Best Actor

Year Nominee Film
1952 José Ferrer Moulin Rouge
1957 Anthony Quinn Wild Is the Wind
1964 Zorba the Greek
2011 Demián Bichir A Better Life

Who was the first Hispanic person to win an Oscar?

Rita Moreno
Rita Moreno, in full Rosita Dolores Alverio, (born December 11, 1931, Humacao, Puerto Rico), Puerto Rican-born American actress, dancer, and singer who accomplished the rare feat of winning the four major North American entertainment awards (EGOT): Emmy (1977, 1978), Grammy (1972), Oscar (1962), and Tony (1975).

Who is the first Mexican director to win an Oscar?

director Alfonso Cuarón
In 2013 history was made at The Academy Awards as Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón became the first Latin American to win the Oscar for Best Director.

What was the first Western to win an Oscar?

When Dressler was announced as the winner, Cooper had to be eased onto his mother’s lap. Cimarron was the first Western to win Best Picture, and would remain the only one to do so for 59 years (until Dances with Wolves won in 1991).