Who is the owner of Cochin International Airport?

Cochin International Airport
Airport type Public-Private Partnership
Owner/Operator Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) Government of Kerala (32.42%)
Serves Kochi
Location Nedumbassery, Kochi, Kerala, India

Which is the smallest airport in Kerala?

Kannur International Airport
Calicut International Airport in Karipur in Malappuram district. Kannur International Airport in Mattanur in Kannur district….List of airports in Kerala.

Cities served Kannur
Airport name Kannur International Airport
Category International
Ownership PPP

Which airport is COK?

Cochin International Airport/Code

Which airport is big in Kerala?

Cochin International Airport
The largest airport in Kerala, Cochin International Airport is located 45 km northeast of the city center. Kochi Airport also happens to be the seventh busiest airport in India and is connected well to the city by car rental services and taxis.

Is Cochin and Ernakulam same?

It is part of the district of Ernakulam in the state of Kerala and is often referred to as Ernakulam. Kochi is the most densely populated city in Kerala….Kochi.

Kochi English: Cochin
State Kerala
District Ernakulam
Formed 1 April 1958

Is domestic and international airport same in Cochin?

1. Re: Is Cochin domestic and international airport is same? Yes. Cochin International Airport in Nedumpassery near Angamaly houses both domestic and International terminals.

Which is the cleanest airport in India 2021?

Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport has emerged among the world’s top-50 best airports in the 2021 Skytrax World Airport Award ranking. It is for the third consecutive year that Delhi IGI has been crowned the best airport in India.