Who is Dayanidhi Maran to Karunanidhi?

Karunanidhi who was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for five terms and was the DMK party leader from 1969 till 2018. Karunanidhi’s grandnephew Dayanidhi Maran has been the union cabinet minister for two terms, once as a Minister of Information and Technology and once as a Minister of Textiles.

How many children does Kalanithi Maran have?

Kalanithi Maran

Kalanidhi Maran
Known for Founder of the Sun Group
Television Sun TV
Spouse(s) Kavery Kalanithi
Children 1

Who is Dayanidhi wife?

Priya Dayanidhi Maranm. 1994
Dayanidhi Maran/Wife

Who is MK Stalin son?

Udhayanidhi Stalin
M. K. Stalin/Sons
Stalin married Durga (alias Shantha) on August 20 , 1975 and has two children. His son is Udhayanidhi Stalin, an actor and politician.

What is the net worth of Kalanithi Maran?

2.8 billion USD (2021)
Kalanithi Maran/Net worth

Who is owner of Suntv?

Kalanithi Maran
Sun TV Network

Sun Network headquarters
Founded 14 April 1992
Founder Kalanithi Maran
Headquarters Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Key people Kalanithi Maran (Chairman)

Who is wife of Murasoli Maran?

Murasoli Maran
Spouse(s) Mallika (m.1963)
Relations M. Karunanidhi (maternal uncle)
Children Kalanidhi Maran (b.1964) Dayanidhi Maran (b.1966) Anbukarasi (b.1968)
Parents Father : Shanmugasundaram Mother : Shanmugasundari

How old is Dayanidhi Maran?

54 years (December 5, 1966)
Dayanidhi Maran/Age

Who is Kiruthiga udhayanidhi father?

M. K. Stalin

Udhayanidhi Stalin
Children Inban Tanmaya
Parents M. K. Stalin (Father) Durga Stalin (Mother)
Relatives See Karunanidhi family
Residence 25/9, Chittaranjan Road, Cenotaph Road, Alwarpet, Chennai – 600018, Tamil Nadu, India

Who is the father of Dayanidhi Maran in India?

He is the son of former Union Minister Murasoli Maran and the grandnephew of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and former DMK president M. Karunanidhi. He is the younger brother of Indian billionaire Kalanithi Maran, the founder, chairman and of Sun Group.

Who is the wife of Murasoli Maran’s son?

Priya Dayanidhi Maran is the wife of the former Union Minister Murasoli Maran’s son Dayanidhi Maran. She has a son Karan Maran and daughter Divya Maran. Priya belongs to a Hindu Iyengar family and she married Dayanidhi Maran on 26-08-1994.

Who is Priya of Dayanidhi Maran married to?

The Owner/President Management Programme is meant for business owners/founders. Dayanidhi is married to Priya of “The Hindu” family. Priya is the daughter of Ramesh Rangarajan, Director Kasturi & Sons. and the pair have a daughter named Divya and a son named Karan.

Where did Dayanidhi Maran go to school at?

He had his schooling with Don Bosco, Egmore, Chennai. He received initial education in Tamil Nadu and graduated in Economics from Loyola College in Chennai. He also attended the “Owner /President Management Programme” (OPM) from Harvard Business School (USA).