Which is the best way to get started with nServiceBus?

The best way to get started with NServiceBus is to use it to build something realistic. In doing so, you’ll learn the architectural concepts behind the software and start to learn its capabilities. In this tutorial, you’ll build a back-end for a retail e-commerce system.

Which is the single string parameter in nServiceBus?

The single string parameter ClientUI is the endpoint name, which serves as the logical identity for our endpoint, and forms a naming convention by which other things will derive their names, such as the input queue where the endpoint will listen for messages to process.

Why is unicastbusconfig left blank in nServiceBus tutorial?

The UnicastBusConfig section is left blank here as the server does not need to be explicitly configured to send messages back to the client queue, if the server needs to respond back that is. Again, for the simplicity of this tutorial, we only consider a one-way client-server communication here.

What does message myserverqueue mean in nServiceBus?

If you look at the MyServer’s console, you would see a message MyServerQueue initialized which indicates the server queue is ready to receive messages.On the browser, the web client will open the default page ready to send a message.

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