Where is the elite round shot plan in ac4?

Once in the Devil’s Eye Caverns look for that ‘V’ in the rocks and follow the tunnel you find underneath around to the left. If it’s full of jellyfish you’re going the right way. Stick to the left and you should eventually come into a small cavern with two chests. The one on the left has the Elite Swivel Gun plans.

Where is the elite fire barrel storage plan?

10) The Elite Fire Barrel Storage dig sight will be located in Isla Providncia south of the island between 3 palm trees.

How do you get the elite heavy shot storage?

You will find elite heavy shot storage upgrade design plan in Petite Cavern at 901,263; in a buried treasure chest in the restricted section of Petite Cavern near the fire next to small rocks. You will find the treasure map for this buried treasure in Cayman Sound.

What is round shot in Assassin’s Creed 4?

The Round shot is a common weapon used on ships, Round shots are mainly used to attack the hull of a ship and expose weak points of the ship. The Jackdaw’s cannons are equipped with Roundshots.

What is the purpose of Kenway’s fleet?

Kenway’s fleet allows you to use ships you capture in Naval Combat to complete missions and battle to unlock both Reales, cosmetic Upgrades for the Jackdaw, and even Buried Chests maps with Upgrade Plans.

Where are the elite broadside cannons in AC rogue?

2. Broadside Cannons

  1. Word: River Valley.
  2. Location: Aarushi (959, -66)

What is round shot strength?

Round Shot is a type of ammo used by your side cannons, like Heavy Shot. One is long range (used when you aim/focus the cannons) and one is used when you don’t aim. Same as with the Chain Shot Strength, the more it’s upgraded, the more damage they do. Last edited by Quiet Wolf; Jan 2, 2014 @ 2:20pm. CommandDork.

Where is Kenway’s fleet?

Kenway’s Fleet can be accessed via Captain’s cabin in Jackdaw – from the map lying on the table. Alternatively, you can also use your iOS and Android devices as a second screen to control your Fleet.

Where are the elite heavy shot strength locations?

Elite Heavy Shot Strength (Treasure Map) 1 Corozal – Tavern (36,265) 2 Cadaver Location: Ambergris Key Cave (58,184) 3 Additional Reward: 3 000R 4 Dig Location: Misteriosa (307,195)

Where to find AC4 Black Flag Elite design plan?

AC4 Black Flag Elite Design Plan Locations Guide. Elite Design Plans are the highest level upgrade for your Jackdaw. In order to acquire all plans, you should visit many Caribbean Islands, as well as complete the story mission “ Diving for Medicines “. This mission rewards you with Diving Bell upgrade, which helps you reach the bottom of the ocean.

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Where are all of the Elite design plans?

A complete list of Elite Design Plans and their respective Ship Wrecks is posted below the text. 1. Elite Hull Armor (Ship Wreck) 2. Elite Set of Broadside Cannons (Ship Wreck) 3. Elite Ram (Ship Wreck) 4. Elite Round Shot Strength (Ship Wreck) 5. Elite Mortars (Ship Wreck) 6. Elite Swivel Guns Strength (Ship Wreck)