Where does Yumi clothing come from?

Founded over 18 years ago in Camden by Uttam and Clare, Yumi has fast become the online destination for women’s trend-inspired clothes with a unique twist.

Who are Yumi brands?


  • Apricot.
  • Blue Vanilla.
  • De La Creme.
  • Divine Grace.
  • East Village Sunglasses.
  • Girls On Film.
  • Goddiva.
  • Hoxton Gal.

Does Yumi run small?

It fits true to size. I always always wear a size small in Yumi Kim. This however was too small. It pulled across my 34C chest and it was way too short, and I’m 5’3″.

Is Yumi app safe?

You can be sure that most of the users on the app will be legit as Yumi approves profiles on a case-by-case basis.

Is Yumi ethical?

Of course no brand is 100 % ethical but Yumi’s attempts to navigate their workers rights and champion their rights as ‘people’ is a heartwarming ethos to say the least.

Who is the owner of KFC?

Yum! Brands
KFC/Parent organizations

Is Yumi Kim true to size?

Yumi Kim always has perfect fitting silhouettes and this romper is no exception. Runs true to size and is very comfortable to wear all day.

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Is it easy to cancel Yumi subscription?

Is Yumi easy to cancel? Yes, Yumi is easy to cancel, and you can do it on the website without contacting customer support.