When should I drink German Riesling?

Germany: Riesling

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Description An early start to the season was followed by heavy frost, with summer warm and dry until August, when rain brought challenges. Yields are down, but top producers delivered balanced, ageworthy wines
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Is German Riesling dry?

The answer is: Yes! The remarkable thing about Riesling is that it can produce an entire spectrum of styles, from bone dry, to off-dry, to medium sweet, to sticky dessert sweet.

Is Riesling wine expensive?

However, given the stubborn consumer resistance to Riesling, it remains admirably affordable, for the most part. Indeed, if you were to list the best-value wines available today, Riesling would feature strongly in the mix, given its relatively high quality and relatively low price. Except for Germany, of course.

Is Riesling a good sipping wine?

Riesling is great for day drinking Besides being light and crisp, German Rieslings typically have a lower alcohol content than other wines — which makes that extra glass during your day-drinking session kind of a no-brainer.

Is Riesling wine any good?

Rieslings show off their sense of place, or terroir, much better than most other wines. Duffy says: “One of the things that makes Riesling great is that it’s a very a versatile wine. It has a refreshing nature, it’s a little bit lighter in body and it’s normally very crisp — but it can be fruity or dry.”

What are the best German wines?

Due to Germany’s climate and its vineyards, which are some of the most northernmost in the world, the majority of German wines are white; some of the best ones are Riesling and Müller-Thurgau, both whites, as well as the red and elegant Spätburgunder (German for Pinot Noir) and the full-bodied Dornfelder.

Is Riesling wine considered a sweet wine?

Oftentimes, Riesling is considered a sweet wine because of this, but it’s actually an incredibly diverse grape that can, yes, be super sweet, but it can also be super dry. But that dry Riesling will always have that touch of fruitiness that doesn’t make it taste as dry as, say, a Sauvignon Blanc or Oak Aged Chardonnay.

What are wines similar to Riesling?

the Gewurztraminer grape is famous for its heady perfume.

  • and honey.
  • Viognier.
  • Pinot Grigio.
  • Where to find German wines?

    German wine is primarily produced in the west of Germany, along the river Rhine and its tributaries, with the oldest plantations going back to the Roman era. Approximately 60 percent of the German wine production is situated in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, where 6 of the 13 regions (Anbaugebiete) for quality wine are situated.