What seeds use explosive dispersal?

Violets, poisonous squirting cucumbers, and touch-me-nots or Impatiens capensis (not to be confused with these touch-me-nots) have an effective way of dispersing their seeds: They burst! The forceful ejection sends the seeds flying as far away as possible from the original plant.

What are the two examples of seed dispersal by explosion?

Seed Dispersal by Explosions Okra, Lupins, gorse, and broom are a few examples of plants whose seeds are dispersed by Explosions. Pea and bean plants also have pods and the seeds burst out when they ripen and pod has dried.

Which of the following seed is dispersed by explosion?

Pea and bean are two plants whose seeds are dispersed by explosion of their fruits.

What are the four methods of seed dispersal?

Because plants cannot walk around and take their seeds to other places, they have developed other methods to disperse (move) their seeds. The most common methods are wind, water, animals, explosion and fire.

What are 4 ways seeds are dispersed?

What are the 3 methods of seed dispersal?

What are 3 methods of seed dispersal?

What are the 5 methods of seed dispersal?

There are five main modes of seed dispersal: gravity, wind, ballistic, water, and by animals. Some plants are serotinous and only disperse their seeds in response to an environmental stimulus. Dispersal involves the letting go or detachment of a diaspore from the main parent plant.

What are some examples of seeds that disperse by explosion?

Peas, pansy, beans, sweet peas seeds are all examples of seeds dispersed by explosion. Funny you should ask that, as there are cetain types of pine trees way up here in the north, that have to reach ridiculous amounts of heat in order to disperse seeds.

What do plants disperse their seeds by explosive action?

Examples of Plants That Disperse Seeds by Shooting Them Plants in the Fabaceae Family. One of the largest groups of plants that uses ballistichory is the pea family, or Fabaceae. Most Plants in Euphorbiaceae Family. Another plant that shoots seeds when touched is Euphorbiaceae. Acanthaceae: Exploding Shrubs. Malvaceae: Mallow Family Plants.

What happens in seed dispersal explosion?

Seeds dispersed via explosion are known as wind-dispersed seeds. Although the majority of plants use other means to disperse their seeds, some plants explode in order to cause their seeds to spread. Explosive dispersal, as the process in known, is completed so the seeds land a distance away from the parent plant.

Answer Wiki. Seed dispersal can be defined as the transport of seeds away from the parent plant.The four mechanisms of seed dispersal are Anemochory(wind dispersal), Hydrochory (water dispersal), Zoochory (animal dispersal),Mechanical Dispersal(dispersal caused by dehiscence of fruit).