What is the difference between Weber Q and Family Q?

The difference from the Family Q and the Premium models is that the Premium models use an electronic infinite igniter and are designed with a thermometer.

What’s the difference between Weber Q1000 and Q1200?

What is the difference between a Weber Q1000 and a Q1200 BBQ? – The Q1200 has the following features compared to the Q1000: Side Tables, a taller lid profile (so you can do beer can chicken etc), a built in thermometer and electronic ignition rather than a mechanical push button.

How big is Weber Q1000?

Weber Q1000 vs Q2000

Q1000 Q1200
Power/Area (BTU/sq in) 45 43
Dimensions, Lid Open (in) 23.5″H x 27″W x 20.5″D 26″H x 51.4″W x 25.1″D
Dimensions, Lid Closed (in) 14.5″H x 27″W x 16.5″D 15.5″H x 51.4″W x 19.5″D
Built-In Thermometer No Yes

How many Weber Q sizes are there?

three sizes
With its high dome lid, folding side shelves and characteristic Q shaped burners, the Weber Q comes in three sizes and is perfect for the modern family, whether it’s a small home or a family of 8 or more. The comparison table below showcases the main differences between the Baby Q, Q2000, and the Weber Family Q.

Which Weber Q is best?

The Weber Q 1200 Gas Grill is our pick for the best portable gas grill because of its no-fuss convenience and stellar grilling performance. For charcoal purists, we recommend the Weber Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill 18″. It’s just as capable as a full-size kettle at searing and grilling food to perfection.

Are Weber Q worth the money?

For most people the answer is a resounding Yes — Weber grills are still worth the money. These grills give you fantastic results, convenient features, and incredible durability.

Is Weber Q1000 good?

The burner on the Q1000 delivers 8500 BTU’s, so it is more than capable of grilling some large steaks, or a few burgers. But the power output is a little lower than other top rated barbecues like the Coleman Road Trip Grill. Expect to be a little more patient with the Weber, but the extra economy is a plus.

What’s the difference between Weber Q2000 and Q2200?

The two models are very similar, and there are only marginal differences: The Q2000 uses a single cast-iron cooking grate, but the Q2200 has a two-piece grate split in the middle. The ignition mechanism of Q2200 Weber grill is somewhat more advanced (electronic vs push-button ignition)

Which is better Ziggy vs Weber?

The Weber is lighter, uses less fuel and has a slightly more useful cooking surface. The Ziggy has better control over its heat, is more versatile, is great value for money and it copes with the wind. If you throw in the ability to cook with the lid up, then it’s a hands-down win for the Ziggy.

How much does the Weber Q 1000 weigh?

26.65 Pounds
Enhance your purchase

Brand Weber
Material Aluminum
Color Chrome
Item Dimensions LxWxH 20.5 x 27 x 23.5 inches
Item Weight 26.65 Pounds

Why are Weber Q so good?

Weber Q units are easy to light, thanks to their heavy duty push-button ignition. They can be powered by natural gas (NG) or liquid petroleum gas (LPG), depending on your preferences and the model you buy. Cooking with a Weber Q is pleasurable and easy.