What is the default username and password when logging into the console port of the FreePBX appliance?

All FreePBX appliances come with DHCP enabled on the server so it will grab an IP address for you. The default root password is set to “sangoma”.

How do you put music on hold call?

Push the star key on your phone to place callers on hold and activate the music system. The music will continue playing to callers who have called your telephone number. It stops if you pick up the receiver or the caller hangs up.

How do I change the music on hold phone?

Set the Hold Music on a Phone Number or Extension

  1. Click Phone Numbers, Lines, Ring Groups, or Call Queues in the left sidebar and then click the phone number or extension that you need to change. For a phone number, go to General > Hold Music.
  2. Select the desired Hold Music Playlist.
  3. Click Save.

What is FreePBX default password?

The default root password is set to “sangoma” . Type “ifconfig” from the command line to determine what the current IP address. Now that you know your IP address you can log into the PBXact GUI. You can now login as a PBX administrator by clicking on the PBX Administration button as shown below.

How do I reset FreePBX to default?

Just do a fresh install. It’s that easy. You should install FreePBX as a virtual machine then create a snap shot right after the install. If you need to “factory default,” restore from that snap shot.

How do you put music on hold FreePBX?

Now that we have our source, open the Music on Hold section from the FreePBX web admin by going to Settings -> Music on Hold. Choose the option to “Add Category”. Give the new category a valid name, and for the Type, choose Custom Application, then Submit to create the new category. Optional Format will remain blank.

How do I choose a hold song?

The key to choosing the right hold music is knowing your callers and understanding what they want to hear. Match your voice over. Listen to a demo of your voice talent, and match their style, age, and tone, so your music is consistent and seamlessly blends with your message.

How do you get on hold music?

Where to find 100% free hold music

  1. Musopen Music Discovery Tool. If you’re feeling classical, this is a great resource for downloading the works of great composers.
  2. Birchills.
  3. CDK Global.
  4. MelodyLoops.
  5. Amazon Music.

How do I turn off hold music?

To toggle hold music silence on / off: Select a line. Dial *41.

Can I have hold music on my iPhone?

Apple has been awarded a patent for a method whereby iPhone users can share music and photos with callers who have been placed on hold. Like most of Apple’s patented ideas, this one may not ever make it to an actual device.

How do I reset my FreePBX admin password?

  1. In your web browser, refresh the login page and you will be automatically logged in.
  2. Visit Admin -> Administrators and select your user on the right side of the page. At this point you can reset your password.

How does music on hold work in PBX?

This could be an Internet stream, or a stream from a sound card or other audio device. MoH categories can be applied to inbound routes as well as to queues, ring groups, outbound routes and conferences. Categories assigned at the call level will override the MOH category for that target only.

How do you add music to a PBX category?

The PBX has one category, which is “default.” You can create additional categories by clicking on the “Add Music Category” in the top right hand side of the screen. Enter a category name, then submit changes to save your new category. In the right side navigation menu click the category you wish to add music to.

How to set up a PBX administrator account?

Click on the “PBX Administrator” icon to begin the Quick Wizard. You will be prompted to log in with your Username and Password that you created earlier. I Top change network settings please review the Changing Network Settings Wiki here. The Quick Setup Wizard is designed to quickly and easily setup your PBXact within minutes.

What kind of audio files can I upload to PBX?

Here you can upload a custom recording by simply dragging the specific audio file within the Upload Recording box. Upload files from your local system. Supported upload formats are: WAV, aiff, alaw, flac, g722, gsm, mp3, oga, ogg, sln, sln12, sln16, sln192, sln24, sln32, sln44, sln48, sln96]