What is the checkmark attribute in Zk-Zk?

The checkmark attribute controls whether to display a checkbox or a radio button in front of each list item. In the following example, you will notice how a checkbox is added automatically when you move a list item from the left listbox to the right one.

What’s the name of the listbox in ZK 7?

Note: In ZK 7, we change the naming .z-listcell-cnt to .z-listcell-content . Since 7.0.3 Since 8.0.3 Once the pagingDisabled is set to true, users will be blocked from navigating through the pagination. Since 5.0.5 By default, when a user clicks on an HTML , , or tag, it doesn’t change the selection.

How to enable multiple selections in Zk-Zk component?

When a user clicks on a list item, the whole row is selected and the onSelect event is sent back to the server to notify the application. You are able to enable multiple selections by setting the multiple attribute to true. The default value is false .

How to sort column in listbox in ZK?

There are a few ways to enable the sorting of a particular column. The simplest way is sort=”auto”. Then, when a user clicks a listheader, listbox sorts the column based on the ‘ label of each listcell in a case-insensitive way. If ListModel contains non-String object, you need to specify its property to sort.

When to use a checkbox in Zk-Zk?

Display a checkbox like: Denotes when a component gets the focus. Denotes when a component loses the focus. Denotes when a component is checked or unchecked. Copyright © Potix Corporation. This article is licensed under GNU Free Documentation License.

How does a listbox work in ZK live?

Listbox is a feature rich component that can serve as an items list which allows multiple selection. When the attribute checkmark=”true” is assigned to a Listbox, it will display a checkbox or radio button at the header of each list item.

Can a checkbox be used to select multiple items?

An array of Checkbox components can be put together as a mean to select multiple items; unlike Radio buttons wrapped in a Radiogroup which allows only a single selection. The default status of a Checkbox can be set using its checked attribute.