What is the best war to do Erin?

Erin Hannon : I was intimidated by Andy’s family before, and now I have to see the First Lady at holidays? She’s gonna be like ‘what’s your stands on politics?’ or ‘what is the best war to do?’ and I will just be like, duh!

Who did Erin in the office end up with?

Upon Andy’s return, Erin finally ended things with Andy for a much healthier relationship with Pete. They soon became the new “Jim and Pam” and possibly stayed together through the series’ finale.

Is Erin from the office cute?

Erin Hannon’s outfits in The Office were generally cute. Erin is filled with so much radiant energy that it’s hard not to be around her. Sure, she says some silly things in her talking heads but she’s no worse than Michael or even Dwight.

Did Erin and Peter stay together?

Erin is clearly moved by this and hops towards Pete, kissing him full on the lips, before charging back into Andy’s office to permanently break up with him. Nothing more is said or seen about Erin and Pete, but they are probably still together, since they were dancing with one another at Angela and Dwight’s wedding.

Did Erin ever sleep with Gabe?

Gabe and Erin date over the summer in Season 7. It is an extremely awkward and unorthodox relationship, with Gabe romanticizing it. While in “Sex Ed” it was revealed they were having sex, Erin would later say sex with him was bad because of how bony he is.

Why is Erin so annoying on the office?

Erin was a character on the show that they never seemed to know quite what to do with. Erin was too naive, and, to be frank, not very smart at all. This made many of her scenes more annoying than funny. While the show needed to find a new receptionist after Pam, Erin might not have been the right choice.

Why does Erin hate Holly?

Erin hating Holly because she put michael, a person she looks up to, through so much pain, is literally canon. Same goes for Pam’s mom. it’s probably just a joke on Erin being flighty at times and having that unique personality.

Who is the most loved character in The Office?

The Office: 5 Most Likable Characters (& 5 Fans Can’t Stand)

  • 8 Loved: Jim Halpert.
  • 7 Hated: Jan Levinson.
  • 6 Loved: Holly Flax.
  • 5 Hated: Cathy Simms.
  • 4 Loved: Erin Hannon.
  • 3 Hated: Todd Packer.
  • 2 Loved: Michael Scott.
  • 1 Hated: Gabe Lewis. Gabe Lewis came on to the scene when Dunder Mifflin was bought out by Sabre.