What is Motor wire harness?

Wiring harness forms the baseline and foundation to the fundamental architecture of any motor vehicle electrical system design. Consequently, the motor wiring harness majorly describes the engine wiring harness. The engine wiring harness supplies power to the engine and engine components that require it. These components can include the fuel injectors, the wiper, the motor street navigator and any other electrical component that the car is made up of.

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in the production of hybrid electric vehicles and electric motor vehicles. This is due to the increased need for a motor that possess moderate fuel consumption while maintaining efficiency and reducing the release of offensive gases that put the world at risk of global working and ozone layer depletion. A lot of new technologies for environmental safety, better use comfort and others have been applied to this recent motors. However, as regards wiring harness improvement, more environmental friendly technology such as weight saving harness systems that boost fuel efficiency have being put in place.

Concept of Motor wire harness

The motor vehicle components are the first design activity to be achieved when assembling a motor vehicle. However, the wire harness structure is left until the specification of the engine, the car structure and its transmission is fully defined. Before the recent technological advancements, the role of electrical systems that contains the wire harness was limited to a very few set of functions such as ignition, charging, lightning and a few other actions on the dash board. However, this has been improved to meet a number of safety and comfort requirements as well as better driver-car interactions. The latest needs has required a positive change of face for companies that are involved in the manufacturing of wire harness to become even more sophisticated.

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