What is ISO 22241?

The ISO 22241 series provides the specifications for quality characteristics, for handling, transportation and storage and for the refilling interface as well as the test methods, needed by the manufacturers of motor vehicles and their engines, by converter manufacturers, by producers and distributors of the urea …

Are all diesel exhaust fluids the same?

DEF fluids all must meet an international standard and standards from the EPA that measure the purity of this fluid. Only purchase a DEF that meets the ISO 22241 standard. Sometimes, inexpensive bottles of fluid may claim to be DEF-compatible. However, if they don’t also meet the ISO 22241 standard, they are not DEF.

What is DEF fluid?

DEF, available at most service stations for $6 to $10 per gallon, is a fluid consisting of urea and deionized water in a 1:2 solution. This produces three benign tailpipe gases: nitrogen, water vapor, and carbon dioxide.

Can I pee in AdBlue tank?

But sadly, the answer is “no”. A modern clean diesel car will recognize that your pee is not the right stuff. AdBlue solution has a far higher concentration of urea–32.5%–mixed into deionized water. If you put in the wrong stuff, from pure water to windshield washer fluid to human urine, the car won’t run.

Is DEF fluid made from pig urine?

Urea is an organic compound produced when a body metabolizes protein. (And yes, we expel it as urine.) But despite DEF earning the nickname “pig urine,” Diesel Exhaust Fluid is actually made of commercial-grade urea—synthetic ammonia and carbon. This ammonia then breaks down and neutralizes the NOx gases.

Can I use water instead of DEF?

For the O/O’s using DEF, you can use distilled water instead.

What are the main parts of ISO 22241?

ISO 22241 consists of the following parts, under the general title Diesel engines — NOx reduction agent AUS 32: The following parts are under preparation: Annexes A, B and C are for information only.

What does AUS 32 stand for in ISO 22241?

This part of ISO 22241 specifies the quality characteristics of the NOx reduction agent AUS 32 (aqueous urea solution) which is needed to operate converters with selective catalytic reduction, so-called SCR (selective catalytic reduction) converters, in motor vehicles with diesel engines.

Who is responsible for ISO 22241-1, diesel engines?

ISO shall not be held responsible for identifying any or all such patent rights. ISO 22241-1 was prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC 22, Road vehicles, Subcommittee SC 5, Engine tests. This first edition cancels and replaces ISO/PAS 22241-1:2005, which has been technically revised.

Is the urea solution specified in ISO 22241 commercially available?

The urea solution as specified in this part of ISO 22241 is commercially available, e.g. under the registered trademark AdBlue ®. ISO takes no position concerning the evidence, validity and scope of this trademark right.