What is file status 46 COBOL?

If a second sequential read is unsuccessful, a file status of 46 occurs and the AT END phrase is not executed.” When an AT END condition occurs, the READ is considered unsuccessful. This causes unpredictable results. The cause is the record contents returned to the program are UNDEFINED.

What is error Cobol?

At a minimum, coding an error message to identify an error condition is a good idea. When you run an ILE COBOL program, several types of errors can occur. The ILE COBOL statement active at the time of a given error causes certain ILE COBOL clauses or phrases to be run.

What is VSAM file status?

The FILE STATUS clause monitors the execution of each input-output operation for the file. When the FILE STATUS clause is specified, the system moves a value into the file status key data item after each input-output operation that explicitly or implicitly refers to this file.

How do you resolve abends in soc4?

How to Resolve S0C4? You can check if there are any un initialized indexes or subscripts in the program. You can check if the program is reading any file which is not opened. You can check if the LRECL matches with the length of file specified in file descriptor in COBOL.

What is JCL error?

Space errors in JCL. Some errors occur during the execution of a job. If you request more disk space than is available, the current step isn’t executed and you get the JCL ERROR message, but previous steps could have executed.

What does a 47 file status code mean?

The system is telling you that the file is not open in INPUT or I-O mode when your code executes the READ statement. This is what a 47 file status code means. Whether or not you believe it does not really matter.

What are the status codes on an IBM mainframe?

IBM. File status Codes beginning with a ‘0’ are considered Successful Execution. Codes beginning with a ‘1’ are considered “At End” messages, those beginning with a ‘2’ are considered “Invalid Key” messages, File Status Codes beginning with a ‘3’ are considered “Permanent Errors”, keys like ‘4x’ are “Logical Errors” and ‘9x’ are “Implementer

Why do I get file status 47 in COBOL?

the system is telling you that the cataloged / defined data set you think you are using is not the file COBOL is attempting to use. Until and unless you resolve the file status 35, you will continue to get file status 47 on every attempt to use the file in your program. And why are you not checking for a valid open in your code?

What are the status codes for VSAM files?

STATUS 9018 READ PARTIAL RECORD ERROR. mode. This can also be caused when a physical line sequential directive SEQUENTIAL/LINE)is not set (Micro Focus). STATUS 9019 REWRITE ERROR. Rewrite error: open mode or access mode wrong. STATUS 9020 RESOURCE BUSY. Device or resource busy. File is a directory. Illegal or impossible access mode for open.