What is CPO Si salary?

SSC CPO Salary Structure

Basic salary/ Allowances City X (urban cities) City Y (cities with a population of more than 5 lakhs)
Basic Pay INR 35,400 INR 35,400
HRA 8496 5664
TA 3600 1800
Gross Salary INR 47496 INR 42864

Is there any interview in CPO?

SSC Central Police Organisation (CPO) Recruitment Process includes five stages such as Paper-I, Physical Standard Test (PST)/ Physical Endurance Test (PET), Paper-II, Medical Test and Document Verification. SSC CPO does not include any sort of interview in the selection process.

Is CPO SI good job?

Great Salary & Perks The posts under SSC CPO come under the Central Government and like most Central Government jobs, they have great salaries and perks like Dearness allowance, medical allowance, conveyance allowance, house rent allowance, top of the line insurance, retirement benefits, etc.

Is CPO and Si same?

SSC CPO exam is conducted for Sub-Inspector (SI) in Delhi Police and Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs).

Can a Si become IPS?

Depending on the educational qualifications and the recruitment process, a State Police Officer starts the career as a Sub Inspector (SI) or a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP). Whereas, an officer joined as a DSP will be eligible for IPS. State Police Officers are confined to respective States only.

How many candidates appeared for CPO 2020?

One lakh 53 thousand 467 candidates were registered for the examination. 33.57 percent i.e. 50 thousand 712 took the exam. In two examinations, the attendance of UP candidates was 32.57% and that of Bihar candidates was 34.02%.

Is CPO exam easy?

As per the feedback given by the students who appeared for the SSC CPO exam conducted on 24th November 2020 question paper was of Easy- Moderate Level….Section Wise – SSC CPO Exam Analysis for 24th November 2020 – Shift 1.

Name of the Sections Number of Good Attempts Difficulty Level
Total 144-152 Easy – Moderate

Who is bigger SI or ASI?

A sub-inspector (SI) is generally in command of few police personnel (with head constables, the equivalent of corporals, commanding police outposts). A sub-inspector ranks above an assistant sub-inspector of police (ASI) and below an inspector.

Which is better CPO or CGL?

SSC CPO and SSC CGL are the examinations conducted by the SSC (Staff Selection Commission)….Comparison of Salary and Perks of SSC CGL and CPO.

2. The highest salary can go up to Rs. 55,000 The highest salary can go up to Rs.1,12,400

What is the highest rank of IPS?

Director General of Police
Each state police force is headed by an IPS officer in the rank of Director General of Police. The head of a state police force has the designation of Director General of Police, and is assisted by one to several Additional or Special DGPs.

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