What is another word for big event?

What is another word for major event?

historic event historical event
earthshaking event earth-shattering event
fateful event monumental event
momentous event

What is a better word for event?

Synonyms of event

  • affair,
  • circumstance,
  • episode,
  • hap,
  • happening,
  • incident,
  • occasion,
  • occurrence,

What’s a sophisticated word for big?

What is another word for big?

large enormous
grand great
sizable substantial
tremendous ample
colossal epic

What do you call a significant event?

climax. noun. the most exciting or important moment in a story, event, or situation, usually near the end.

What can I say instead of in the event of?

synonyms for in the event

  • contingent upon.
  • given.
  • if.
  • if and only if.
  • in case.
  • in the case that.
  • subject to.
  • supposing.

What is a landmark event?

Landmark is defined as an event that changed history. An example of landmark is a legal case that is very important.

What do you call a person who organizes events?

In a more general sense, the activity itself is known as event planning, and the term you are looking for would be event planner.

What are two synonyms for big?

synonyms for big

  • colossal.
  • enormous.
  • fat.
  • full.
  • hefty.
  • huge.
  • immense.
  • tremendous.

What do you call a large amount of money?

wealth. noun. a large amount of money and other valuable things.

What is another word for personal life?

What is another word for personal life?

autobiography memoirs
personal history internal life
life history account
experiences profile
recollections memories

Which word best replaces the phrase in the event that ?:?

“In the event that” and “under circumstances in which” can be replaced with if.”It is necessary that” and “cannot be avoided” can be replaced with must or should.

Are there synonyms for the word big event?

Synonyms for Big Event (other words and phrases for Big Event). Log in Synonymsfor Big event 180 other terms for big event- words and phrases with similar meaning Lists synonyms antonyms definitions examples thesaurus

Which is the best synonym for the word sophisticated?

Sophisticated: having a wide and refined knowledge of the world especially from personal experience. Synonyms: cosmopolitan, smart, worldly… Antonyms: guileless, ingenuous, innocent…

When is Blase a better antonym than sophisticated?

While all three words mean “experienced in the ways of the world,” sophisticated often implies refinement, urbanity, cleverness, and cultivation. When might blasé be a better fit than sophisticated?

Which is the best example of an event?

Anywhere there was an event with investors present, Melanie found her way there. It didn’t report any serious adverse events as part of its phase 1-2 trial. These include events like changing jobs, moving homes, or having a baby. This would in any event have depressed prices of cotton, even under ordinary conditions.