What is 4×4 HIIT workout?

Known as 4×4, this form of interval training involves four lots of four minute bursts of high intensity exercise (where you are too breathless to speak more than a few words) broken up by three-minute bursts at a lower intensity (where you are too breathless to sing but can still speak a full sentence).

Is 4×4 a HIIT?

The specific HIIT routine utilized was the 4×4 method, which divides each HIIT workout into a 10-minute warm-up period followed by four high-intensity intervals.

How often should you interval train?

How often should I do intervals? Intervals are intense, and so I recommend only one or two sessions per week to start, with at least three days in between for recovery and growth. You can do more than one or two after six weeks of training.

How can 1 minute intervals improve health?

In the latest study, published in PLOS One, exercise scientists led by Martin Gibala, chair of kinesiology at McMaster University, who has spent the last several years documenting the health benefits of interval training, found that as little as one minute of intensive exercise could have the same health benefits for …

Is HIIT good for longevity?

Yet according to a large, long-term study conducted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and reported in The BMJ, exercise of any kind, including HIIT, can seriously reduce the possibility of premature death. …

Can you run intervals everyday?

You should not do HIIT every day. Many health authorities rightfully recommend that you aim for about 30 minutes of cardio exercise per day to keep your body healthy.

Can you do 4×4 minutes of interval training?

We often use high-intensity interval training in our research, and recommend 4×4-minutes interval training to improve fitness. In this video, our researcher Anja Bye explains how and why you should perform this type of exercise.

How long is an interval workout on a treadmill?

3. 45 minutes of moderate-intensity continuous training on a treadmill at 70% of their maximal heart rate. Their time to exhaustion, vein and artery function, blood volume, and calculated stroke volume levels (the amount of blood pumped out of the heart) were measured before and after the training period.

What kind of interval workout should I do?

The repeat is run over a specific distance at a targeted pace goal speed. The typical interval workouts consist of short repeats, lasting no more than 100 to 400 meters, or of longer distances, lasting between 800 to 2000 meters. Then, the fast surge of effort is followed by a brief recovery.

How many people do HIIT stations 4×4?

The sequence of the stations depends on how many you have: 1. The stations can be run by having 1-4 people per station who rotate the 4 exercises before moving to the next station. If you have enough equipment you can have more than one person performing each exercise.