What hedge fund has the best returns?

Top 20 Hedge Funds by 3-Year Annualized Weighted Return

Fund Manager Hedge Fund Ann. 3Y Return
Sahm Adrangi Kerrisdale Advisers 38.15%
Pat Dorsey Dorsey Asset Management 36.32%
William Harnisch Peconic Partners 36.04%
Sander Gerber Hudson Bay Capital Management 34.78%

What is a good annual return for a hedge fund?

The average fund returned 12.3% in 2020, the largest annual return since 2009, according to analytics firm HFM. The hedge-fund industry’s assets under management ballooned 7.7% to a record $3.5 trillion.

How long do most hedge funds last?

about five years
It’s not surprising then that most hedge funds last about five years, and that one in three fails on an annual basis.

Why is hedge fund bad?

They have historically charged much higher fees than mutual funds, which are professionally managed funds that invest in stocks, bonds or money market instruments. For the hedge fund managers to earn performance fees, their investors have to make money first. Hedge funds charge an expense ratio and a performance fee.

What are the top 20 hedge funds?

Bloomberg top 20 largest hedge funds

Rank Firm/Location Assets under management (in billion $)
1 Man Group / London 69.0
2 Bridgewater Associates / Westport, CT 62.0
3 JPMorgan Asset Management / New York 45.5
4 Paulson & Co. / New York 36.0

Why are hedge funds bad?

Are hedge funds high-risk?

High-Risk. In general, hedge funds are considered to be high-risk investments because of the huge potential for money loss. Again, these funds are primarily controlled by hedge funds managers, and with pools of money going into investments, there is likely going to be some loss.

Which hedge funds lose money?

Some, on the other hand, have defrauded investors of billions of dollars and even nearly brought down the global financial system.

  • Madoff Investment Scandal.
  • SAC Capital.
  • The Galleon Group.
  • Long-Term Capital Management.
  • Pequot Capital.
  • Amaranth Advisors.
  • Tiger Funds.
  • Aman Capital.

What are the top ten hedge funds?

30.8 billion in assets under management as of June 2019.

  • 32.24 billion in AUM.
  • BlackRock.
  • Elliott Management.
  • Millennium Management.
  • Two Sigma Investments.
  • What is the most successful hedge fund?

    George Soros’ Quantum Endowment fund has been named the world’s most successful hedge fund, after it gained $5.5 billion in 2013, bringing the total gains since inception to $39.6 billion.

    Who is the most successful hedge fund manager?

    Ray Dalio Larry Busacca/Getty Ray Dalio, the founder of hedge fund behemoth $160 billion Bridgewater Associates , has dethroned George Soros as the most successful hedge fund manager, according to a new ranking.

    Who are the best hedge fund managers?

    Meet the world’s 7 most successful hedge fund managers 7. Och Ziff – Daniel Och 6. Appaloosa – David Tepper 5. Citadel – Ken Griffin 4. The Baupost Group – Seth Klarman 3. D.E. Shaw – David Shaw 2. Soros Fund Management – George Soros 1. Bridgewater – Ray Dalio DON’T MISS: