What girl was the oldest on the Golden Girls?

Getty played the oldest character on the show, but in real life, she was over a year younger than her on-screen daughter Dorothy, played by Bea Arthur. It took the makeup team 45 minutes before every taping to transform a youthful Getty into her aged on-screen counterpart.

How old was Sophia on Golden Girls?

It is revealed in the season 2 episode “A Piece of Cake” that her 50th birthday was in April 1955, placing her date of birth in April 1905. Most of the episodes of The Golden Girls put Sophia’s age as between 80 and 85 years old. In the first episode of The Golden Palace (1992) Sophia’s age was said to be 87 years old.

What did Rue McClanahan die of?

Rue McClanahan died June 3, 2010, after suffering a “massive stroke”.

How did Estelle Getty die?

The renowned actress Estelle Getty died on 22nd July 2008 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States just before three days of her 85th birthday. The cause of her death was due to Lewy body dementia.

Who died from the Golden Girls?

US actress Rue McClanahan , star of TV show The Golden Girls, has died following a stroke at the age of 76, her manager has announced.

Who died first on Golden Girls?

Rue McClanahan, best known and loved as the sassy Southern sex-crazed Blanche Devereaux on The Golden Girls, died this morning at the age of 76. Her manager told People that McClanahan died around 1 am after suffering a massive stroke and that she was surrounded by her family at the time of her death.

How old was Blanche in Golden Girls?

Though it is widely believed that Blanche’s age is never actually revealed, in The Golden Girls: Mother’s Day (1988), it is admitted in a flashback that Blanche was 17 in 1949. That would make her 53 years old when the series began in 1985 and 60 when it ended in 1992.