What channel is MTV2 on Spectrum?

The channel is now more focused on reality programming. They are now targeting young adults and teens with reality TV shows. The quality content has maintained the standard of the channel….Spectrum Channel Guide For MTV.

City/State Fort Lee, New Jersey
MTV 119
MTV Classic 119
MTV Live 119
MTV2 119

Does Spectrum have MTV2?

Spectrum TV Plans That Offer MTV Channels These include MTV, MTV Classic, MTV Live HD, and MTV2. While Spectrum Select only gets you MTV, Spectrum Silver lets you watch both MTV & MTV Classic.

Is Nickelodeon on the Spectrum?

Nickelodeon is included in Spectrum TV choice channels and you can watch these shows in high definition with the package.

What channel is VH1 on cable?

Cable Television Channel Lineup

Channel Network
112 AMC
113 Discovery Channel
114 TLC
115 VH1

What channel is Fox Sports on spectrum?


Channel Finder FOX Sports Wisconsin SD FOX Sports Wisconsin HD
Spectrum (Milwaukee) 31 1309
Spectrum (Green Bay) 40
Spectrum (Racine/Kenosha) 31
Charter 29 663

What channel is 34 on Spectrum?

Time Warner Cable / Spectrum HD Channels

Channel # Channel Name
33 Spectrum SportsNet HD
34 Univision (KMEX) HD
35 MTV HD West

What is BET channel on Spectrum?

Black Entertainment Television (BET) is an American TV channel and a multimedia group providing all the entertainment, content, gossips and news primarily for African American viewers. It’s available on Channel 61 on Spectrum.

Is spectrum dropping Nickelodeon?

Charter and Viacom reach deal to avoid dropping Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, other channels. “Viacom and Charter have reached an agreement in principle,” the companies said in a joint statement. “Spectrum subscribers will continue to have access to Viacom’s networks, without disruption, while we finalize terms.”

How to get MTV channel on Spectrum cable?

Get your adrenaline and cortisol levels up and running with this show! To enjoy all these shows in pristine HD, pick a package that has a robust channel lineup and includes MTV. Dial Spectrum service number 1-866-200-7855 to get affordable plans. Just make sure MTV is on your list!

What kind of channels did Time Warner Cable have?

Warner Cable would eventually diversify into channels with the formation of Warner Cable Communications in 1977, creating test channels such as Pinwheel, Star Channel, and even Slight on Sound; these would eventually be officially launched as Nickelodeon & The Movie Channel in 1979, and MTV in 1981 respectively.

Are there any other sister channels to MTV?

The channel has spawned several sister channels over these decades. Some big names are MTV Classic, MTV2, MTV Live, Logo TV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, TV Land, Paramount Network, and so on. No wonder it has given a tough competition to Hallmark channel and other channels of the same niche.

Where does the Time Warner Cable logo come from?

Time Warner Cable’s final logo used until the acquisition with Charter Communications. Time Warner Center, formerly the headquarters of the company in New York City. It was shared by its namesake, but now unrelated company, Time Warner.