What can I do with unwanted ink cartridges?

To recycle your inkjet cartridges, simply contact the Recycling Centre to request your collection box. When your recycling box is full, simply take it to your local post office to return your empty cartridges for recycling.

Can I sell my empty ink cartridges?

Big-box office-supply stores like OfficeDepot and Staples will recycle ink cartridges and even have ink cartridge recycling reward programs. These stores will give you $2 in store credit for each qualifying cartridge that you turn in, up to a maximum of 10 empty cartridges per month.

How do I donate unused printer cartridges?

Donate Your Unused Printer Cartridges

  1. E-mail: [email protected].
  2. Phone: 1-866-587-8640.
  3. Fax: (904) 485-8628.

How can I make money with empty ink cartridges?

Here’s how to make money from your old ink cartridges:

  1. Sell them on eBay. If you don’t feel like refilling or recycling your ink cartridges, why not let someone else do it?
  2. Sell them to one of these companies.
  3. Get store credit.
  4. Earth911 recycle centers.
  5. Take a picture.

What is the best thing to do with the empty ink cartridges found in the drawer of your working table?

Things You Should Do With Your Ink Cartridge After It Empties

  • Sell It. Making some money while you are getting rid of your empty toner cartridges is definitely a great deal.
  • Refill It. A simple solution to empty printer cartridges is to just refill them.
  • Recycle It.
  • Donate It.

Can I get money for empty ink cartridges?

How do I return unused HP ink cartridges?

Here’s how to do it where you live:

  1. Recycle in-store. Retailers participating in the free drop-off program for HP and Samsung toner products include Staples, Office Depot, Walmart, and Best Buy.
  2. 2. Mail in your empties.
  3. Use recycling toner collection units.

Where can you recycle ink cartridges?

In the United States, you can return empty ink cartridges to Staples or Walmart stores for recycling.

How do you recycle ink cartridges?

Check with your local recycling center. There’s a chance your local recycling center may take ink and toner cartridges. Call the center ahead of time or check their website to check out the policy. Recycling at a local center is another quick and convenient way to recycle ink and toner cartridges.

Are ink cartridges recyclable?

Toner cartridges are both recyclable and reusable, so more eco-friendly options for disposal exist. There are two main choices for keeping printer cartridges out of landfills: recycling and refilling them. If you want to refill your ink cartridges , there are two options.