What are good questions to ask a scientist?

Questions to ask:

  • Why does this study matter?
  • Why did you want to do this study?
  • How does this study relate to your other work?
  • What was your role in the study?
  • What surprised you the most?
  • Did you change any of your or your family’s habits as a result of anything you learned from this study?

What are good questions to ask a NASA scientist?

10 Questions for Our Chief Scientist

  • 1) What were some of your expectations coming in as NASA’s chief scientist?
  • 2) What do you think it the next big thing for NASA science?
  • 3) NASA science rewrites textbooks all the time.
  • 5) We have a lot of opportunities for citizen science.

How can I contact NASA scientist?

Science: Planetary Exploration, Heliophysics: Karen Fox, 301-286-6284. Earth Science: Tylar Greene, 202-358-0030. Astronomy: Alise Fisher, 202-358-2546; Liz Landau, 202-358-0485.

What is a NASA scientist called?

NASA Chief Scientist
Chief Scientist is the most senior science position at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

What’s a scientist phone number?

Phone Message (USA): +1 877 644 3044.

What is the hardest science question?

The Hardest Science Quiz You’ll Take Today

  • What kind of waves are present during an earthquake?
  • What kind of energy does an unlit match have?
  • Which of these is another way to write Newton’s second law of motion?
  • What is it called when light changes direction after leaving a lens?
  • How do you calculate density?

What can you do with a.223 caliber rifle?

These are firearms made from high-quality materials. Furnished with a reliable rifle chambered in the .223 caliber, these reliable rifles are guaranteed to serve almost any application you can think of. Whether it’s for hunting or target practicing, you can never go wrong with a .223 rifles. Purchasing armory shouldn’t be a banal task.

Which is the best.223 rifle for hunting?

Ruger American Rifle 22” 223 Remington 4+1 RD The .223 is popular for several applications such as: A great .223 rifle is based used for varmint or big game hunting. The rounds on this firearm have enough velocity to tear through an animal’s hide and bone to knock them down instantly.

What makes the Sporter 223 rifle so accurate?

The sporter barrel is made up of carbon steel and is 22-inch long. The main reason why this gun is so accurate is because of this long barrel. This firearm also has a function called AccuTrigger and is user adjusted. This function plays a significant part in making the gun accurate as well.

Is the.223 round a centerfire round?

223 high powered firearms Yes, the .223 cartridge is considered a High Power Firearm. The definition of a High Powered Rifle is a centerfire cartridge. Q: Are the .22 and .223 models the same diameter? Yes, both rounds are roughly the same diameter but if you want to be even more precise, then the .223 is slightly larger than a .22 ammo.