What are good pokemon team names?

The 19 Best Pokemon Trivia Team Names

  1. Kakuna Matata. You’re automatically obligated to sing your team name at all times all the time.
  2. Team Yamper.
  3. Raichu All the Answers.
  4. Can’t Stop Meowth.
  5. The Squirtle Squad.
  6. We Are the Machampions.
  7. Too Tentacool For You.
  8. Not the Beedrills.

Can you change rescue team name?

Early on in Rescue Team DX, you’re allowed to name your rescue team. If you ever want to change the name of your team at a later time, you can do so from the game’s main menu.

What is the best Pokemon name?

The 100 Best Pokémon

  • Dragonite. This big doofus Dragon was one of the biggest powerhouses of the first generation of Pokémon games.
  • Rattata.
  • Shedinja.
  • Wishiwashi.
  • Serperior.
  • Heatran.
  • Heracross.
  • Espurr.

What is the name of the Pokemon?


Ndex Pokémon Type
#142 Aerodactyl Flying
#306 Aggron Rock
#190 Aipom Normal
#065 Alakazam Psychic

What should I name my rescue team?

The community have been discussing their team names in-depth since the game was announced, here are some great suggestions for team names:

  • Team Let’s Go (Pikachu and Eevee)
  • Team Cuty (Cubone and Skitty)
  • Team Treequil (Treecko and Cyndaquil)
  • Team Mudee (Mudkip and Eevee)
  • Team Chicks (Chikorita and Torchic)

Can you change your name in Mystery Dungeon DX?

How to Change Your Name and Team Name. Go into the main menu, either by loading the game or save and quitting the campaign from the pause menu. You’ll be provided with the opportunity to change the name of either yourself, your partner or your team name, much in the way you did at the beginning of the game.