Should I tell Michael to break up with Clarissa?

Don’t Help Michael and Clarissa’s Relationship – You can break these two lovebirds up by never giving your blessing to Michael. Bye, Clarissa – When the ghosts make a deal with you to annihilate Clarissa from time and space, take them up on it and go through with it at the end. She definitely will not like that.

Can you save Clarissa Oxenfree?

If you’re staying silent, there will be no way to save Clarissa, but you CANNOT leave through the red portal without saving her if you’re being nice or mean.

How do you get Nona and Ren together?

Get Ren and Nona Together

  1. Talk to Nona and encourage dating at the Beach (you have to wait and talk with the girls before going to the cave if you want this to work)
  2. Talk to Nona and encourage dating at the Adler Estate.
  3. Talk to Nona and encourage dating at the Bridge Stand.

How many endings are there for Oxenfree?

10 possible endings
With 10 possible endings, Oxenfree is extremely replayable, as you can return to see how the smallest decisions (to help one person over another, for example) impact the timeline.

What happens if you continue timeline in Oxenfree?

New Game+ is accessed after having beaten the game once. The player will be presented with a new option on the main menu labeled “Continue Timeline?”, which will trigger a new save with the New Game+ content.

What happened to Clarissa in Oxenfree?

Sacrificed Clarissa If Alex chooses to exit through the rift during the game’s climax and sacrifice Clarissa, then she will be entirely erased from time. No one will remember her apart from Alex, who mentions that she thinks about her every day after the incident, and goes on to doubt if she did the right thing.

How do I bring Michael back to life Oxenfree?

In some of the endings, it is possible to save Michael from drowning by convincing him to not leave town and instead go to College in Camena. These endings cause Michael to replace Jonas in all the events that involved him, including the pictures taken with him.

How do you stop a loop in Oxenfree?

To end the time loop you will have to start the game again and then reach the end. During the second playthrough, you will notice that a few things are different this time around. You will have to use the continue timeline option on your first playthrough to start the game for a second time.

Is leave possible Oxenfree?

Is leave possible? Yes, in fact. But not without significant stipulations, unanswered questions (who survives in this scenario?) and some time spent jumping through hoops. I went into Oxenfree expecting to spend four hours on a fun little indie game.

Do your choices matter in Oxenfree?

As previously mentioned, in Oxenfree the dialogue choices build on one another towards various narrative outcomes; thus, all choices are important even when it is not evident to the player, but making mistakes every once in a while will not ruin the end result of the game if the player is aiming for a specific outcome.

What are all of the endings in Oxenfree?

So many choices, so little time. Oxenfree has various alternative endings that combine from your choices through the game to make up how Alex’s story finishes. These are all based on the things you say to your friends (or enemies) and the ghosts.

Who are the characters in the game Oxenfree?

Night School Studio’s OXENFREE is a supernatural teen thriller about a group of friends who unwittingly open a ghostly rift. Players control Alex, who brings her new stepbrother Jonas to an overnight party gone wrong off the coast of their hometown.

Where can I get the game Oxenfree?

Oxenfree is available now on Xbox One, PC, PS4, Switch and mobile devices. For more from this interview, read Krankel thoughts on Oxenfree ’s creative process and Nintendo Switch development. How do you feel about the ending of Oxenfree?

Are there any new trademarks for Oxenfree?

Update: Two more new Oxenfree Trademarks found! A month ago I discovered a trademark for Oxenfree II Lost Signals well now I found two new ones, Oxenfree II and Oxenfree Lost Signals. It could also be the rumored tv show adaption of Oxenfree, who knows