Is there good scuba diving in Nicaragua?

Nicaragua has some of the most well-preserved and secluded dive spots in the world. You can swim with eels, sharks, rays, groupers, and African pompano along the 12 km stretch of reef in the Caribbean Sea. For those looking to mix it up, there is also freshwater diving in the volcanic crater lakes of Apoyo and Xiloá.

What is the name of the area located in the Corn Islands that attracts divers?

Blowing Rock Located approximately 7 miles (11 km) from Corn Island, this giant pinnacle of volcanic boulders attracts vast amounts of marine life. The base of the pinnacle rests around 80 feet (24 meters) and towers upwards, breaking the surface to form a small rocky island.

How do you get to Corn Island from Nicaragua?

The simple and fastest way to get to Little Corn Island is to fly La Costena, Nicaragua’s regional airline direct to Big Corn Island. Travel tip: Calling (011 505 2298 5360) La Costena to secure your Managua to Big Corn Island plane reservations may be the easiest way to get your tickets.

Is Little Corn Island safe?

Relatively speaking it is very safe. Rarely does anyone feel threatened on the island. But be aware that just because you may be on a tropical island paradise, there is still a few bad apples that given the opportunity may make your visit to Little Corn Island memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Is there good snorkeling in Nicaragua?

Probably the most popular snorkel site in Nicaragua is the tropical Corn Islands. The larger island boasts an amazing coral reef with some outstanding marine life, but the true magic comes when you snorkel off the smaller island, Little Corn.

How do I get to Little Corn Island?

To get to Little Corn, first you have to stop off on Big Corn. Flights depart 3 times daily from Managua to Big Corn island airport on La Costeña airlines. And from there you ride a “panga” (passenger ferry) to get to Little Corn Island.

What is there to do in Corn Island Nicaragua?

Top Attractions in Corn Islands

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Why is it called Corn Island?

Several stories about the origin of their name exist. Some say the islands were named ‘Corn Islands’ after the British buccaneers – who used the area for restock their meat supplies – misspelled the Spanish word for meat (‘Carne’), whereas others say it is simply named after the corn that was grown here.

Are there coral reefs in Nicaragua?

ABSTRACT. Although corals are found on both of Nicaragua’s coasts, reef-building corals have only been reported to occur on the extensive Nicaragua Shelf on the Caribbean coast. This is presumably due to differences in average nutrient concentrations, water depth and temperature on the two continental shelves.

Is spearfishing legal in Nicaragua?

Spearfishing is illegal on Little Corn Island.