Is the Sony A77 a full frame camera?

The Sony a77II DSLR camera is available as a body only but also with 16-50mm f/2.8 DT lens, which provides a versatile set of focal lengths equivalent to 24-75mm in the 35mm/full-frame format. A fast f/2.8 maximum aperture is effective in low light and offers shallow depth of field.

Is Sony Alpha 58 a good camera?

A58 Summary Improved 20.1-megapixel resolution; Impressive image quality, especially for its price; Fast and decisive autofocus (in most conditions); Very good battery life; Good video quality (Full HD 1080p, though it doesn’t support 60p frame rate).

When was the Sony A77 released?

June 2014
Sony Alpha 77 II

Released June 2014
Intro price USD 1,198 (body), USD 1,798 (kit)
Lens mount Sony A-mount

Is Sony A77 mirrorless?

This time it’s Sony’s SLT-A77, the SLR equivalent of the NEX7 mirrorless compact, also announced today. The A77 has two very cool new features. First is Sony’s new translucent mirror tech. This time it’s Sony’s SLT-A77, the SLR equivalent of the NEX7 mirrorless compact, also announced today.

Is Sony A77 good for video?

The Sony A77 has very impressive video features that will definitely appeal to videographers. With a high-quality 1080p full HD video, the camera is capable of recording videos at 24p, 60i and 60p modes in AVCHD / MP4 (MPEG-4 AVC H. 264) format.

What is the price of Sony Alpha 58?

Sony SLT A58K 20.1MP DSLR Camera Price in India

Product Name Price in India
Sony SLT A58K DSLR Camera (20.1MP, Black) ₹ 33,990

Is Sony Alpha 58 a DSLR?

The Sony Alpha a58 DSLR is a compact DSLR camera that blends high imaging performance with a host of intelligent and intuitive features to help achieve optimal results for both still and moving imagery….Sony A58 Specs.

Sensor Resolution Actual: 20.4 Megapixel Effective: 20.1 Megapixel
Aspect Ratio 3:2, 16:9

Is Sony A77 a DSLR?

Sony wants to introduce you to their Alpha SLT-A77 DSLR Digital Camera (Body Only). This DSLR has a number of things going for it, not the least of which is the 24.3Mp sensor.

What makes Sony a77ii digital SLR camera so good?

The α77II incorporates sensor shift technology called SteadyShot INSIDE image stabilization. This means every lens you use—from the widest angle to longest telephoto—Is corrected for camera shake and reduces blur, resulting in crisp and sharp images.

What makes Sony Alpha SLT-A77 translucent mirror digital?

With a strong-yet-lightweight magnesium alloy body, the α77 delivers on the promise of its good looks with the strength and rugged reliability your active lifestyle demands. Plus, all ports, doors and controls are weather-resistant for worry-free shooting, come rain or shine.

What kind of sealing is on Sony a77ii?

Sealing around the main buttons, dials, ports and doors are weather-resistant with a double-layered structure that enhances sealing effectiveness at all camera body openings including the media compartment and terminal area.

What kind of auto focus does Sony a77ii have?

The α77II is equipped with a newly developed phase detection auto focus system, featuring wide coverage 79 AF points. Fifteen of the AF points are cross-type and placed in the most-frequently-used central area of the sensor.