Is PAM 104 a good watch?

There are many a style of luxury and exquisite watches on the market. The Panerai Pam 104 Luminor Marina is an exquisite watch. It matches perfectly all of these features. An absolutely stunning piece of haute horlogerie in time.

Is Panerai Luminor waterproof?

The Panerai Luminor Marina features a 44mm steel case which houses the Panerai OP XI calibre movement. It is certified water resistant at depths of up to 300 meters and also employs a 56 hour power reseve.

Where are Panerai watches made?

Giovanni Panerai (1825–1897) founded Officine Panerai in Florence, Italy in 1860. The company is headquartered in Geneva and manufactures watches in Neuchâtel, Switzerland using movements manufactured in-house.

Are Panerai watches collectible?

Panerai collectors truly value the Pre-Vendôme timepieces generally over the newer timepieces. Although some new timepieces may have higher initial price tags, the rarity of these early 1990’s timepieces will continue to fetch increasing interest and value over time.

Is a Panerai watch a good investment?

“Panerai’s chunky, cushion-shaped watches are a modern cult phenomenon and one of the best investments you can make. Panerai has a fantastic collector base and, even if it’s just to make a slight change, every model is limited, so whatever Panerai you buy will become a collectable soon enough.”

Do Panerai watches go up in value?

Character. Created in true Italian style, a Panerai watch retains value thanks to its larger-than-life look that truly captivates. The classic dials, for example, appeal to a large demographic and have helped the brand become an extremely popular investment option.

What is the most iconic Panerai?

It’s no surprise that the PAM 372 has remained one of the most popular Panerai models since its release back in 2011. A true example of the saying “a sum of all its parts,” the PAM 372’s collective details combine to create what many consider the most beautiful Panerai in the current collection.