Is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory worth watching?

Critic Reviews for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Finally a worthy, excellent remake. In its combination of fidelity to its source and wacky visual ideas, Burton’s take is a triumph of common sense and imagination — exactly the qualities for which we admire children.

Is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory better than original?

Tim Burton’s Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Is More Faithful To The Book. As mentioned above, Willy Wonka added many scenes from the book, of which some were changed for narrative and visual purposes, but in the end, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is more faithful to the book.

Which is the best Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Willy Wonka: 5 Reasons The 1971 Version Is The Best Adaptation (& 5 It’s Tim Burton’s Version)

  1. 1 1971 Version: Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka.
  2. 2 Tim Burton: Production Design.
  3. 3 1971 Version: The Memorable Songs.
  4. 4 Tim Burton: Freddie Highmore as Charlie Bucket.
  5. 5 1971 Version: The Child Performers.

Why is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory bad?

On the surface, it would seem that the moral of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is that good children are rewarded and bad children are punished. Roald Dahl’s original story is a condemnation of many things including bad parenting, gum-chewing, television, spoiling children, over-eating, and self-indulgence.

Is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a sequel?

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator is a children’s book by British author Roald Dahl. It is the sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, continuing the story of young Charlie Bucket and chocolatier Willy Wonka as they travel in the Great Glass Elevator.

Why did Wonka bars stop selling?

Varieties of Wonka Bars were subsequently manufactured and sold in the real world, formerly by the Willy Wonka Candy Company, a division of Nestlé. These bars were discontinued in January 2010 due to poor sales.

Why is there no great glass elevator movie?

As memorably bonkers as Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator is, there are two big reasons why a movie adaptation has never happened. For starters, Dahl disliked the 1971 film adaptation because of changes made to his script, the music and the director. He was also unsure about Gene Wilder’s casting.

Is the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical Good?

Overall, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ is terrific fun, amazing in many respects, and a production approaching monumental proportions. Making comparisons always seems unfair, but it’s hard not to when another Dahl show – ‘Matilda the Musical’ – is still in the West End.

What are the characters in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Each chamber also has its distinctive character. The Chocolate Room, where the Germanic Gloop gets his comeuppance, has the sylvan seductiveness of Klingsor’s magic castle in Wagner’s Parsifal. Pursuing the Wagnerian parallel, when we get to the Nut Room we are confronted by puppet-squirrels beavering away like so many furry Nibelungen.

Who is Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

This version also builds up the character of Charlie’s Grandpa Joe (the angularly funny Nigel Planer), who here becomes a bed-bound Billy Liar. Even the character of Willy Wonka, the eccentric capitalist who seeks to monopolise the world’s chocolate supply, is given a darker tone than you find in the 1964 book.