Is Blackfriars Station step-free?

Thameslink route passengers travelling to the Olympics now have full step-free access at Blackfriars in central London. Lifts have are now open to all four platforms on both the north and south banks.

Can you walk through Blackfriars Station?

The normal way to access the tube station from the south bank is to walk across Blackfriars Bridge. The only way to do it via the railway station is to enter via the ticket barriers, walk along the National Rail platforms and exit the National Rail station using the barriers at the other end.

Why is Blackfriars Station closed?

Blackfriars station was shut as part of the £5.5bn Thameslink upgrade project. The Thameslink upgrade means trains running from Bedford and Brighton will use a 12-carriage service instead of eight and will eventually lead to a more frequent service.

Which is the only train station with entrances on both sides of the River Thames?

Blackfriars is now the only station in London to span the River Thames, with entrances on both sides of the river.

Is Blackfriars tube station closed?

No disruptions There are no reported disruptions at any .

Are there toilets at Blackfriars Station?

Network Rail operates most of the big stations in London. Its munificence might not be extended to Blackfriars and Marylebone, which are managed by other companies. These currently charge 30p, and may become curiosity pieces as London’s last pay-per-poo station toilets.

Does Blackfriars have a tube station?

Blackfriars, also known as London Blackfriars, is a central London railway station and connected London Underground station in the City of London.

Which Tube line is Blackfriars on?

Blackfriars Underground station is served by the Circle and District lines and is between Temple and Mansion House stations.

Do South Western trains have toilets?

Yes. Our toilets are open as usual, however some might be closed as a result of ongoing maintenance or staff shortages. You can find out where our toilets are located on our stations page.

Do all tube stations have toilets?

There are actually a significant proportion of Underground stations that have toilets. However most of them are outside of the central area, quite a few of the sub-surface line stations do have toilets within Zone 1 (Circle, District, H&C, Metropolitan).

Do South Western trains have tables?

Our large tables will give you plenty of room to set-up and make the most of your time on-board. Wheelchair spaces on our trains are available in Standard Class only.