Is actress Katie Douglas related to Michael Douglas?

Katie Douglas is a 22-year-old actress from Canada. Despite her surname, Katie is not related to Kirk or Michael Douglas. Douglas was nominated for Outstanding Performance – Female at the ACTRA in Toronto in 2019, for her role as Lisa McVey in Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey.

How old is Katie Douglas now?

22 years (October 19, 1998)
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Given the fact the 22-year-old Canadian actress has been in the business of screen acting since the tender age of six, it’s not wholly unexpected.

Is Katie Douglas Small?

Actress Katie Douglas’ height is 5ft 0in, or 1.52m. Her talent agency lists her as suitable to play characters between 14 and 20 years old, although she is 22 herself. Following her ordeal when aged just 17, Lisa McVey went on to be Hillsborough County Sheriff Deputy.

How old was Katie Douglas when she filmed believe?

Katie Douglas is 22 and from Ontario, Canada “I was actually very young when I was given the opportunity [to act],” she said. “I think I did some kind of after-school summer camp and I was six years old. We had put on a play and one of the parents in the audience happened to be a casting agent.

How old is Antonia Gentry?

23 years (September 25, 1997)
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Where is Katie Douglas from?

Burlington, Canada
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How old is the girl in believe me?

Believe Me is based on the real-life case of Lisa McVey, a 17-year-old girl (played by Katie Douglas) in Tampa Bay, Florida, who was abducted and raped by serial killer Bobby Joe Long (Rossif Sutherland) in the Eighties.

What height is Katie Holmes?

5′ 9″
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Is Lisa McVey a real person?

Lisa McVey Noland (born March 1966/1967) is an American police officer, school resource officer, and motivational speaker from Tampa, Florida. McVey was one of Long’s last victims and the information she provided to police led to his capture.

How old is Lisa McVey now?

McVey, who is now 54-years-old, survived the traumatic ordeal and tells of her experience to help other victims of sex crimes. In 2006 McVey published a book about her experience, titled Smoldering Embers, which later served as the foundation of the 2018 television film Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey.

Does Ginny get pregnant?

Is Ginny pregnant in the season finale of Ginny & Georgia? While Ginny discovers sex with Marcus during the first season, she does not get pregnant like her mother did when she was a teenager.

Does Ginny end up with Marcus?

Marcus and Ginny are shown to have a connection throughout, but the pair never end up dating. Ginny and Marcus do sleep together at the start, and Ginny is shunned by her friends after Marcus’ twin (and Ginny’s best friend) Max finds out towards the end of the series.