How much is Doceri?

Doceri Desktop is a one-time purchase of just $30.00 (USD) with no annual subscription or maintenance cost requirements. When you purchase a Doceri Desktop license, you will receive a promo code for free enrollment in the Doceri Training Course.

Does whiteboard work on iPad?

Turn your iPad into your personal interactive whiteboard! ShowMe allows you to record voice-over whiteboard tutorials and share them online. It’s an amazingly simple app that anyone can use, no matter how young or old!

Is Doceri app free?

This is free and can be found in the app store. Through the app, teachers can use whiteboard feature and use their iPad as a wireless slate with students.

How do I set up doceri?

First, go to the Download page. Enter your e-mail address and select Download for your appropriate Operating System (Windows or Mac). A pop-up window will appear asking you to open the Doceri Desktop zip file. Select Save File and click OK .

What is doceri desktop?

Doceri is the professional iPad interactive whiteboard and screencast recorder with sophisticated tools for hand-drawn graphics and built-in remote desktop control. Originally designed for teachers, Doceri is used by creative individuals in myriad roles and professions from education to entertainment.

How do I set up Doceri?

What is Doceri?

Doceri™ is a revolutionary software suite for authoring and controlling presentations. From your iPad, you can control your presentation computer, annotate over any content displayed, save those annotations, and replay them for an audience.

How can I control my iPad from Windows?

How to Control an iPad Remotely From PC

  1. Install ApowerMirror on both your iPad and PC.
  2. Now, connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. On your iPad, detect your PC and connect both devices.
  4. Tap Phone Screen Mirror on your iPad.
  5. Then, swipe up and look for Screen Mirroring.

Is doceri desktop free?

We are so confident that Doceri Desktop will be a game changer in your classroom that we provide a fully functional trial, free for you to evaluate for 30 days. Our one-time license fee is inexpensive, and the process is quick and easy once you decide to use Doceri permanently in your classroom.