How much does a RC car transfer cost?

Fees: The fees for offline RC transfer of a vehicle depend on the RTO and the state. Typically it is between Rs. 300 and Rs. 500, though in places where smart cards have not yet been introduced this cost can come down further.

What is the cost of transfer ownership of car?

Car Ownership Transfer Cost A car ownership transfer fee may start from as low as Rs. 300 and go up to Rs. 2,000 or even more.

How can I get biometric car transfer in Islamabad?

You won’t have to visit the Excise and Taxation Office (ETO) for biometric verification. You can get it done at any NADRA office where you can receive the receipt issued for the ETO. The ETO will then verify the receipt with the transaction ID immediately after which the vehicle will be transferred.

How much is a token in Islamabad?


Vehicle Category Engine Capacity Amount (In Rs.)
Private / Commercial Upto 1000 cc 1,200
Private / Commercial From 1001 cc to 1800 cc 2,000
Private / Commercial Above 1801 cc 3,000

How long does RC transfer take?

How much time does RC transfer take? Some RTOs claim that transfer of vehicle ownership takes place in 7 days, but the usual turn around time for the RC transfer is 21 to 30 days and it varies from RTO to RTO.

Can we transfer RC online?

To transfer RC online simply go to the government website create an account and fill in the details necessary. a fee of 525 INR will be required when you transfer RC online. After filling the form download it and submit it in the RTO that you selected upon filling the said form.

How can I transfer my car in Islamabad?

Documents Required

  1. Application for transfer of ownership address to Motor Registration Authority (MRA) / Excise & Taxation Officer (ETO), Islamabad.
  2. Photocopy of CNIC of the Applicant.
  3. Filled and signed Form ‘F’
  4. Photocopy of NIC of the Seller.
  5. Computerized Transfer Letter.
  6. Transfer of Ownership Form.

How much money does it take to register a car in Pakistan?

Transfer of Vehicle’s Ownership Fee

Category of Vehicle Transfer Fee Applied
Heavy Transport Vehicle (HTV) PKR 4000
Vehicle Under 1000cc PKR 1200
Vehicle Exceeding 1000cc but under 1800cc PKR 2000
Vehicle Exceeding 1800cc PKR 3000

How much is import tax on a car in Pakistan?

FBR updates rates of duty, tax on import of vehicles

Sr. No Automotive vehicles of Asian makes meant for transport of persons. Duty and taxes in US$ or equivalent amount in Pak rupees.
1 Up to 800cc US$4800
2 Up to 801-1000cc US$6000
3 From 1001 – 1300cc US$13200
4 From 1301 – 1500cc US$18590

Where to transfer ownership of vehicle in Islamabad?

Application for transfer of ownership address to Motor Registration Authority (MRA) / Excise & Taxation Officer (ETO), Islamabad (If the registered vehicle’s owner does not appear in person, documents at serial No. 4,5 & 6 should be attested by Class-I officer.

How much advance tax is applicable on a car in Pakistan?

Advance Tax will be applicable on those vehicles, which have less than five (05) years resgisteration time period, starting from first registration date in Pakistan. 10% desprication per year will be apply on Advance tax. Amount (Rs.) Filer (in Rs.) Non-Filer (in Rs.)

When do I have to pay token tax in Islamabad?

ISLAMABAD: Government has issued a notification to pay your Vehicle Token Tax Islamabad before 30th, September 2019 without any extra penalties after which Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) along with Excise and Taxation Department Islamabad will start crackdown against the vehicles who did not pay token taxes.