How does a radial laser work?

It is a singlehanded boat, meaning that it is sailed by one person. The Laser Radial is a variant of the Laser standard, with shorter mast and reduced sail area, allowing light sailors to sail in heavy winds. The International Class is recognised by the International Sailing Federation.

How heavy do you have to be to sail a Laser Radial?

Laser Radial ft (1.3 m2) smaller than a Laser Standard. The radial is a choice for teenagers and women sailors. According to the ILCA, the recommended crew weight for a radial is between 121 – 154 lbs (55 – 70 kg). The butter zone should be somewhere around 132 – 143 lbs (60 – 65 kg), allowing for the best performance.

Who makes Force 5 sailboat?

Weeks Yacht Yard
Force 5 Sailboats The Force 5 is a 14′ day sailing or racing dinghy with full controls. First built in 1973 by AMF Alcort. They have been manufactured by Weeks Yacht Yard since 1993. All parts are available through the yard.

How long is a Laser 4.7 mast?

The Laser is 4.06 m (13 ft 10 in) long, with a waterline length of 3.81 m (12 ft 6 in).

What is the difference between Laser and radial Laser?

The Laser Radial uses exactly the same hull and most of the same parts as the Laser raced by the men. The only difference between the two is the size of the sail and lower section of the mast, ensuring competitive racing in identical boats.

How much does a Laser Radial cost?

The Laser – Now at the unheard of price of $4,995! The Laser is the world’s most popular adult racing class boat. True to one-design standards, each Laser in the world is identical ensuring the best sailor on the water wins the race, not the boat.

How long is a Force 5 sailboat?

Force 5

LOA 13 ft 10 in
LWL 13 ft 2 in
Beam 4 ft 10 in
Hull appendages

What is the ideal weight for a Laser Radial?

between 60 and 75 Kg
The optimal sailors weight for the Laser Radial is between 60 and 75 Kg. The Laser Radial is one of the biggest internationally recognized one-design race classes.

How big is the sail on a Laser sailboat?

The Laser sailboat has three different rigs: Standard, Radial, and 4.7. Using a common upper mast and boom, each of these rigs uses a corresponding lower mast section and sail. The Laser Standard sail is the largest at 76 square feet and is the most common.

How big is a laser sail ILCA 6?

Laser Radial / ILCA 6 – The ‘radial’ sized Laser sail (62 square feet) is used with the ‘radial’ lower mast section, which is a few feet shorter than the ‘standard’ lower mast section to accommodate the smaller sail and allow the rig to depower more easily.

Where can I buy a laser sail bag?

As a Laser Performance authorised dealer Sailing Chandlery supply official class legal Laser sails for your Laser Standard, Laser Radial or Laser 4.7 sailing dinghy. As well as sails you can also purchase packages which include numbers, battens and sail bags. Fast dispatch and no hassle from Sailing Chandlery.

How big is a 4.7 Radial sail?

For lighter weight sailors, the Radial Sail is 62 square feet and uses a Radial Lower Section, and for junior sailors, the 4.7 Sail is 51 square feet and uses a special pre bent 4.7 Lower Mast section.