Does the EOTech 512 have night vision?

The Model 512 is EOTech’s most popular holographic weapon sight. It’s ideal for when you need the best in speed and versatility, without night vision compatibility. It’s the great sight, and features night vision-compatibility.

Is EOTech 512 waterproof?

EOTech Model 512 Overview It features an illuminated holographic red dot reticle, anti-reflection multicoated optics, and waterproof. The sight has a 90′ field of view at 100 yards and an unlimited eye relief to ensure users maintain their situational awareness, especially when moving quickly.

Which is better Aimpoint or EOTECH?

If you want a lighter optic, Aimpoint is almost always the way to go. For shooters that have astigmatisms in either of their eyes, EOTech will work better in their favor. For magnifier usage, Aimpoint has a 3X and 6X option. EOTech has a 3X and 5X option for their magnifiers.

Does the military use the EOTECH 512?

Their first holographic sight was introduced in January 1996. Thousands of EOTECH sights are used by federal law enforcement and military, including special operations forces.

What does the EOTech 512 holographic sight do?

A revolutionary weapon sighting system, the EOTech 512 A65 Holographic Firearm Sight enhances target acquisition, improves accuracy, and provides more control over your shooting environment.

How big is an EOTech HWS 512 ring?

The standard ring found in most reticles equates to approximately 68″ (5’8″) at 100 yards. The 512™ HWS offers multiple brightness settings offering quick adjustability to accommodate any shooting situation. The EXPS HWS solves a number of fire control issues for a host of applications and weapon platforms.

How long does the EOTech Model 512 battery last?

The Model 512 features a heads-up design that allows both eyes to be open in order to maintain peripheral vision and depth perception while shooting. The Model 512 runs on cost-effective and easily accessible AA batteries with a long battery life of 600 hours with (2) Alkaline or 1100 hours with (2) Lithium batteries.

What do you need to know about the HWS 512?

The HWS 512™ is perfect for anyone who wants fast target acquisition, reliability, durability, and the anyplace availability of AA batteries without the need for night-vision compatibility. The 512 is our most popular HWS in the lineup. An operator-grade Holographic Weapon Sight built for close-quarter engagements with fast-moving targets.