Did Marc Laidlaw help Half-Life Alyx?

On August 25, 2017, Laidlaw published a short story titled “Epistle 3”. Journalists interpreted it as a summary of what could have been the plot for a further Half-Life game. He provided consultation during the development of Half-Life: Alyx (2020).

Is Marc Laidlaw still at Valve?

Marc Laidlaw was instrumental in the story and narratives of the original Half-Life games, but left Valve in 2016, meaning a few new writers have been on the series.

Who writes half-life?

Marc Laidlaw
Half-Life (video game)

Writer(s) Marc Laidlaw
Composer(s) Kelly Bailey
Series Half-Life
Engine GoldSrc

Is there a Half-Life 2 Episode 3?

Half-Life 2: Episode Three is a cancelled game that was planned as the final installment in the Half-Life 2 episodic trilogy.

What is Breengrub?

‘Breengrub’ is a very famous term among the fans of the Half-Life video game series. The first installment of the Half-Life video game series was launched in 1998, which was later followed up with numerous sequels.

Does Half-Life Alyx have multiple endings?

Half-Life: Alyx ends where Half-Life 2: Episode Two ends, after having changed everything we thought we knew about where the story was going, or what will happen next. It’s a neat trick for a prequel.

Is Gman an advisor?

I think g-man is the Head Advisor. Think about it. Dr. Breen knows about g-man (on the final chapter he says ”And this one has proven to be a fine pawn for those who control him”) and at parts of the game we see him talking to the Head advisor.

Is BreenGrub a canon?

The canon status of BreenGrub is debatable but is considered by this wiki to be non-canon as Laidlaw stated BreenGrub is but his personal fan fictions.